anyone with an auto reposession?

TabathavmOctober 16, 2013

We are thinking about doing a voluntaru repob becuase we can't afford the payments anymore. We have tried selling it but we owe to much. So I would like to know what happens after theu auction it off and threres a balance owed? Do they let u make payents? Do they garnish your paycheck? If so how much do they normally garnish and/or how long do they give you to pay what's left?

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What does your paperwork state in that regard?
Did you call the note holder and ask?

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We calld wells fargo couple of months ago but they were no help. Rep didn't seem to know much.

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Call again. Ask for a supervisor if you can't get an answer.

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Also when you get the supervisor, make sure they are located in the US and not a foreign country. Or you might make an appointment with your local branch manager or loan officer, not just a teller or VP. Only a manager or the loan officer can help you as they might try to refinance the loan. We use to do that all the time in the """old days""" Now you have to demand help in banking--not the same.

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