Do your Karndean floors look like this?

floorfinderApril 3, 2009

I'm going to be posting pictures shortly to let you know what "this" looks like. Some background first...I had originally posted here a few months ago looking for ideas to replace our Karndean floor with. Apparently I hit a nerve with those people loyal to Karndean / selling Karndean / installing Karndean. That truly isn't my intention.

While I've been searching for a possible replacement, I've come across numerous people with a similar complaint that I have over my Karndean floor. I've been encouraged to gather a group together with similar problems to try to make an impact before replacing. With the risk of hitting another nerve, I've heard enough complaints that I'm attempting to reach out to those of you who are also having problems. So, back to my original question - Are your Karndean floors covered with scuff marks? Have you tried everything to try to remove them? Have you had a home appraiser question that "THIS floor was recently installed?!" Is Karndean actually lowering your home value? Like me, have you bought and returned four pairs of slippers simply because they "mark the floor" and settled on wool socks? Do your children hear, "Stop!" every time a plastic bin or toy gets pushed over the floor? If you're floor is taking more time and causing more headaches than you signed up for, please contact me. Please understand, we have no lawsuits planned - this is for honest homeowners who have a valid complaint.

I think it may be best to contact me direcly instead of re-posting, just so that we don't turn this nice, friendly forum into a Karndean complaint center.

Out of respect for those selling Karndean, they do have many fine products, thus their solid reputation. However, there are some products that fall very short of what their name stands for. I welcome your feedback and ideas on how to fix this problem if you have come across it before. Yes, my retailer and installation team are doing their best to help me, and yes they are in communication with Karndean. Yes, Karndean is out of ideas, and their products have not worked. We have tried almost everything - except a suggestion by another customer to use mop-n-glow. Apparently, he had the same problem with Karndean and felt that helped manage the marks. We've stuck only with Karndean products thus far to maintain our warranty.


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photo 1

Here is a link that might be useful: facebook

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The floors look like the scratch easily from your pics. Please share these pics with the Decorating forum if you wish to have more feedback.

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Thanks for the tip! :)

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Do you ever pick up something and carry it?

Geeeez! That is the worst I have ever seen, including commercial installations.

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It's a real shame, isn't it floorguy? Too bad this is actually a mild case of what Karndean can do. I've seen and learned far too much by being willing to post pics from our home. I'm surprised you haven't come across more yet in your line work. Trust me, you will. We're actually careful to a fault with our floor. Regular slippers from JC Penny's, chairs with felt pads, or a very small plastic toy can do the damage that you saw.

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Just an update for those of you still considering Karndean. I had a few reps from Karndean at my home today. This has been the first time they were out in a year and a half. Right in front of them, I took a plastic toy and ran it over the floor to make a huge mark. In the end, they agreed that any family with children or toys would not be recommended to buy their product. It should be expected to be scratched that severely by a simple toy. Unfortunately for me, it took them a year and a half to admit to the flaws in their floor and they do not plan to do anything about the false claims originally made. Please spread the word for anyone still considering this! (By the way, the only reason they came out was because the local retailer who sold me the floor was not buying their salespitch to sell any more of their floor. They called me and came within 15 minutes to settle their issues about whether to sell the floor again.)
I again extend the offer to any other victims of Karndean. The Better Business Bureau is taking our complaints!! :)

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I just had Karndean flooring installed last week. Love the looks of it but am having problems with it scuffing easily and cannot remove the marks. Before installing I took a hammer to a sample and it seemed very durable but was very disappointed when it scuffed so easily after it was installed. My brand new floor now has several scratch/scuff marks. Very disappointed in the flooring. If u find a solution please let me know.

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There is no solution. My company carries it in our flagship store strictly to sell against it. By having it we can validate that we understand it and that it requires massive maintenance. Good luck.

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dang. glad I caught this thread. I had them on my list to check out this coming week or so! will scratch them off - in advance!

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I've had two floors installed with Karndean in my kitchen and dining room. Maybe the problem is with the "wood floor" look. I have Slate "DaVinci" and Antique Ceramic "Latte." I've never been so pleased and always get compliments on the floor. It's so easy to take care of, it's ridiculous. You cannot see any scuff marks on these floors, so maybe the take away message is for anyone who really likes this flooring is to avoid the wood grain looks and choose something with a more complex pattern and a stipled surface. It's unfortunate you have had so many problems and they are not willing to help you. That's not good PR at all.

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Forgot to add that we are hard on our floors. We have dogs and my husband forgets to remove his shoes when he goes in and out. I occasionally get rubber scuffs on the kitchen floor, but they are easily removed. I'm sorry this didn't work out for you. I always shied away from the "wood plank" look with laminate flooring, I suspected it would show scuff marks. My hair salon had a light grain Pergo floor installed and it was a nightmare. Even still, with the problems you're having Karndean should have done something for you.

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My name is Michael Lang, and I am the Senior Marketing Manager with Karndean International. I've just come across your thread and would be happy to discuss your situation -- specifically, the people with whom you've spoken and the store at which you bought our product.

Rest assured that we will do everything possible to resolve this situation. We've had millions of feet of our woodplank installed all over the world, with no incidence. Let's talk about exactly what happened with yours and get it fixed.

I'd be happy to discuss this with you offline. Feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Michael Lang
Senior Marketing Manager
Karndean International, LLC

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Yes, yes, yes, my new Karndeen, wood plank floors look like yours. I just had my floors installed in August, 2010 and immediately they showed scuffing(?)The flooring is beautiful but I'm beside myself because everytime I walk on it I see another mark. Has anything been resolved with the company? I haven't contacted anyone yet because I want to do the suggested cleaning process.Please advise if any answers were given.

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This is all very disturbing. We are/were so close to pulling the trigger on a Karndean floor. But no one in this entire thread has indicated which line/model/style has given them trouble. Are the issues with the lighter wood styles? the darker ones? And where are the photos? I don't see them. Please help us out an tell us which ones NOT to buy!

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You need to apply finish to the floors, commercial grade preferably. this is the only way to protect your floors and solve these problems. I apply finish to these types of floors as part of my business. Thanks Jacob

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Karndean Tecnical Services Department - 888-266-4343

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I was "shocked" to read of so many complaints of your Karndean vinyl flooring...SHOCKED! I installed the Karndean "Art Select" wood plank vinyl six or seven years ago (did it myself) and could not be more thrilled with the results. Both the kitchen and dinning room were done in about a day. We have no children living with us (seniors) so I can't speak for plastic toys. As for scuffing my wife and I wear everything from heavy outdoor work boots to flip flops. We also have heavy furniture w/butcher block movable cutting table. We use felt pads and have scuffing. We've never had to use any cleaners let alone any kind of wax. Tap water and a damp cloth. The floor looks as good today as it did the day after install. Sorry to hear others have not had our good fortune. To let you know just how pleased we are we are looking into putting it into our Class A 36' motorhome.

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i have similiar issues also i have the commercial knight tile not even 3mnths old and the floor looks 10 years old im making a call tomorrow about it as there is scratches everywhere,i rang the place i got it from and they told me that it is expected and to be careful but when i purchased them they recomended them as they were the best and very hard wearing so i switched to these tiles instead of the vinyl carpet,fingers crossed cause ive read this forum and it doesnt sound promising only time will tell.cheers

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Thank you all very much for this thread! I am having a devil of a time deciding on the right floor for our kitchen/ back door/ deck entry/ hallway/ small bathroom. We're active seniors with a garden, yard, projects and dog. I wanted sealed cork but it was too pricey. I was guided to US FLoors' Coretec Plus but either the color or the pattern always seems wrong for the space. Then the flooring guy showed me the beautiful Karndean line. I found plenty of choices and tried to start a thread to find out more about it. But no takers. Well now that's solved. I'm very disappointed but better to be disappointed now than much poorer with a wreck of a floor later…

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