Planning Garage overall size and Door height

bert_maMarch 20, 2006

I will be adding an attached garage to our ranch house this summer and wanted to get some input on how big overall to make the footprint and talk about door height.

We are considering a single story, 28'wide x 30'deep two car, with roughly a 90" height set of doors. I'd like to get my Pathfinder with kayak racks into the garage without removing the racks.

The gable end will be in line with the ranch house itself. Car entry will be along the non-gable side.

How high would the non gable walls need to be in order to accomodate the extra door height?

Are there standard openings for garage doors, height and width?

We plan to use the upper space for storage, so will place a large window or hayloft type door in the gable end. With a 5:12 pitch roof line, matching the house, it looks like the storage area ridge height will be about 6 feet. Any thoughts on how to get that a little higher without changing pitch?

Thanks in advance for any input.


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90" high doors are way too short. I have two garages, and like the 9'doors much, much better.

Also, get 10' wide doors, and it makes it way, way easier to just pull in to the garage, especially if you have to swing the car around.

Could not figure out of you will have a side entry.

The footprint is nice size and you'll have room for a workbench on the end.

On the ceiling height, I like 10' minimum.

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What are you going to do with this garage? You can get some really long garage doors, and some really tall. I don't like to see them much longer than 16 feet. Most people don't make them high enough though. 8 feet high is a good size for residental The rule to remember is that you need 12"to 15"(comfortably)for the door track to fit under ceiling,"Above" the height of the door. Then, space for the garage door opener to fit also. You may need another 3 to 5 inches for the door opener to fit, depending on which model you use. Dan

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The garage will be used to park two vehicles, one an SUV approximately 84" tall with racks installed and an intermediate size sedan.
I'll want workbench space at the back wall. I'll be eliminating lally columns by installing a micro lam beam. I'm limited to 27' x 30' deep footprint, due to setback rules. I'm planning on installing two 9' wide doors that are 7'6" high. Could probably go 8'(96")on the height, but not any more, due to the fact that the doors are on the non-gable side of this garage. It's a fairly low ranch and I run out of wall height after that.
I forget now the ceiling height on the garage itself, though we did take into account the door opener allowance.

Thanks for the input folks.


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