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helen818March 9, 2007

Hello there, I have a Liftmaster/Chamberlin garage door opener model 1260 1/2HP.

It has been installed and working perfectly for 9 years or so, but in the last few months, I've noticed that there are problems closing the garage door. I have remotes in the cars and a controller on the wall inside the garage. I don't seem to have any problems opening the garage door using the remotes in the cars or using the controller on the wall. But when I try to use the remotes and even the controller on the wall, about 60%-70% of the time, the garage door will not close on the first attempt. And if I'm trying to close the garage door using my remotes in the cars (batteries are fine), I will have to try many times and most of the time it won't close, and I have to use the controller on the wall in the garage to close it. And even then sometimes I have to try MANY times before it closes. I was wondering if I may need to change the receiver logic boards? And if so is it possible for me to just order the logic boards and do it myself?

Any help advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh, can someone tell me how much it may cost to replace the logic boards? I believe there are 2 in the opener assembly, am I correct?

Thank you

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Does your opener have sensors in the doorway? If so, make sure they are pointed directly at one another and the small light on each one is one and not blinking. There is one logic board and I think they retail for about $80.00. A 9 year old opener isn't worth that expense.

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Hi don 1 2006,

I have checked to make sure that my 2 sensors are pointed directly at one another and the light on each one is ON solid, not blinking.... any other suggestions?


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