Newly converted office --- now mice

kartmomMarch 22, 2009

We recently converted a section of our garage into an office. Since then we've discovered two mice in our office. Hubby has managed to kill them with peanut butter traps. In the remodel we replaced a small roll-up door with french doors, put down bamboo flooring and installed an air conditioner that has a hose which runs out a window for drainage. The window has a screen on it which blocks the hose so we don't think they could be getting in that way and the french doors are completely sealed and rarely opened. The guy that laid the bamboo flooring left a small opening near the door -- apparently to let the bamboo breath. My thinking is they are getting in through the walls and coming out through that opening. Hubby says they are sneaking in through another door which opens through the main part of the garage. I might also add there are small 1-2" holes in the outside bricks but he doesn't think they are coming in that way. All I know is I want the little #@$%@&*$ gone. I HATE MICE. Any suggestions on where to look for their possible entry?

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a mouse needs only a small hole to get thru. if you can get your pinky into the hole, a mouse can get thru it. all he needs is enough room to get his head in, his body will collapse to fit thru.

do you have your garbage can outside close to teh office, or another food source nearby? somethign is attracting them or else you already had a nest inteh wall and they are just exploring. best bet is poisons or traps. poisons will kill them, but you have no control over where they die. it could be outside, or it could be in the wall. a couple dead mice in the wall cna make the room unusable for a couple weeks until they fully decay.

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Ron Natalie

Cats work well. Mine just gave me the present of a mouse she caught yesterday. We don't have any living rodents, low flying birds, slow squirrels, etc...

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Plug all the holes...mice only need a very small opening. If the floor needs to breathe then plug the holes with screening that will let air in but keep the critters out. 1" to 2" holes are like an open freeway to these little guys.

"Sean McDonagh Racing"

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Sean needs a new career

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