Peacock Pavers? They look great - are they?

organic_jmacApril 18, 2010

Has anyone had any direct or indirect experience with Peacock Pavers?

Several years ago, I saved an spread from Traditional Home of a house that used beautiful concrete pavers. I emailed the design company (Bobby McAlpin's) and asked for info about those floors but they never replied. I kept my eye out for some time for something similar, and was THRILLED, this last year, to find ads for the very same flooring. I've ordered samples and am really leaning towards their use in our upcoming (finally!) construction - but I do have some reservations because I have not actually seen these pavers in a home. I'd love to hear from anyone who has used them or seen them....I don't mind being a guinea pig, but I don't want to be the blind-uniformed one:)

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A follow-up: I was able to go and see these pavers in person. There is a landscape design firm in Lexington, KY, a couple of hours from here, who uses them outdoors. But, they have also installed them in their office - and they look great! They told me that they haven't had any problems with them, they have taken lots of abuse, have never been sealed - and they still look great. I'm feeling much better about using them now that I've seen them. I'd still like to hear from anyone else who's had experience with them.

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Did you end up using the Peacock Pavers? I was thinking of using them as well, outdoors around a pool but also possibly indoors. If you have any photos, I'd love to see!!

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Did you use the pavers? What color and how do they look?

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I'm posting here in Flooring and Building a Home and also the Pool/Spa forums:

bumping up such an old post, but searching gardenweb peacock pavers for pics brings up little results or no pictures.

anyone out there that can post pictures and give advice? We're thinking of Peacock Pavers around a pool/rear patio. Would really love to see photos and want to know what you think of the durability. And is it slippery?

There's a couple of posts that talk about these pavers and that they need to be installed on concrete slab - is that true? Just wondering if anyone used them in a first floor mudroom over a basement.

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