Painting Garage Floor advice..

IncubusMarch 13, 2006

hi guys,

i'm planning to paint my garage floor and i would like to know your suggestions..

i was at a local lowe's store and there are several products available. some of them are epoxy based paints and one is a silicone acrylic paint.

what are the advantages and disadvantages?

thanks for the help...

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I used the two-part epoxy system. I was not pleased. Parts of it are smooth and shiny. Other places are pale and rough looking. I'm now trying to decide what to do with what I have.

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I used epoxy paint on my new garage floor it was a little diffficult to apply and had poor adheasion around the edges I like the finish but for $180. I expected better.

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If you are looking at flooring paint at Lowes or Home Depot. Run, do not walk to the nearest exit, especially single part epoxy. Some of the two parts are better, but believe me, they are not all equal.
In general, painting a garage floor is troublesome over the long haul. There are some decent products on the market, but the temperature, humidity, condition of the floor needs to be right on the money.

Most everyone I've talked to has had problems in about 5 years.

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Anybody had a good experience with garage floor paint? Partticularly for an older floor with some stains? thanks

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I have never done it, but the general comments I have heard is that paint on the garage floor lifts off due to hot tires, damp concrete or whatever.

Below is a link to a very nice looking (but presumably expensive) alternative that I will install right after I pay cash for the Porsche. (I'm kidding)

Here is a link that might be useful: Garage Floor tiles

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I used a Valspar 2 part epoxy bought at lowes in may last house with great success. Took three gallons to do a two car garage. Admittedly I was only there for 5 years but it held up very well over that period. Only damage was due to furniture delivery guys dragging a palletized amoire with protruding nails that scratched down to the concrete. I always liked it due to being able to easily squegee out water/ice/slush/salt during the winter. I would basically squegee out the nasty mess, hose it down a little, squegee again, and it looked as good as new. Prep work just like painting walls seems to be the key to good adhesion, I used a degreaser to clean, allowed to dry, etched with muratic acid, rinsed, allowed to dry, and then painted. Took almost a week in total elapsed time basically started one weekend and finished the next.

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I talked to 3 different companies last year to get a garage organization wall system together with some type of floor covering. All three companies told me that they no longer offer anything other than tile flooring because of adhesion problmes.

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I used Behr 1 part from Homedepot with outstanding results.
However I did an excellent prep with a concrete sander from the rental guys at homedepot. Then acid etch, rinse rinse, dry dry dry. Stayed off for 1 week. 5yrs old now going to put another coat on because I can't get the oil, paint, etc. out of the pores. Another coat should solve the pore issue.

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I also used the Behr 1 part for my garage floor. However, unlike yokemonkey, I did not do an excellent prep. In fact, all I did was sweep, hose it out, let it dry, and roll on the paint.

It didn't take long to start peeling and flaking in some areas...especially from hot car tires. It gets plenty of scrapes and scratches from ordinary wear and tear(dropping tools, sliding things around). So... I recoat the worst areas a couple times a year. I can still easily wipe away oil spills, and hose it out (low pressure) every so often.

If you don't mind the maintenance, it's really not that bad of a solution. But, if you want a more durable, longer-lasting, and good looking garage floor, then you're going to have to prep your floor correctly, or open up your wallet a lot more.

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The epoxey paints are harder to apply ... Try regular concrete paint, you can always cover that with polyurethine to make it last longer ..

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I have a garage floor that has epoxy paint that has peeled in several areas and I have some concrete patches that have been filled in for the washed out areas. What can I do to paint over this blotchy mess?

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All Garage Floors

I know this is an older post, but I think it has good information for people looking to paint their garage floors. I found the article posted below that I feel does a good job explaining how the store bought epoxy paint kits work. In fact there is good information on epoxy floors in general.

I did epoxy on my garage floor and so far I am very pleased. I highly recommend reading up on what's required before you do. The preparation of the floor is the hardest part.

Here is a link that might be useful: Why Garage Floor Epoxy Paint Kits get a Bad Rap

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