Addition to joyful guy's 2004 Christmas gift

joyfulguyOctober 14, 2005

I've written the addition over in the "Money Saving Tips" forum.

The original was that one make a profile of everyone that one knows, with interests, hobbies, skills, etc. with contact info.

Which I think could well save one hundreds, more likely thousands, during one's lifetime.

The addition is a couple of illustrations where I think that such a list would have been helpful in a recent situation.

Could one call this the gift that keeps on giving?

As they ask us not to double post, I'll leave it at that.

Good wishes to you everyone.

ole joyful

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Joyful, I think this is a wonderful idea. I remember when we bought our house the prior owner gave a list of her favorite plumber, appliance repairman,etc. It was very valuable and I have added to it since then. (Knowing a plumber who returns your calls and comes over within 24 hours is priceless.) I read your post and the idea to "profile" people is spectacular. Great for making gift lists, recommendations, etc. Thanks for posting. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you! Jan/Jannie

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Hi Jannie,

I left a message for you over on "Money Saving Tips".

ole joyful

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