What should I expect to spend to get good quality furniture?

herkfeJuly 30, 2013

I am in the process of furnishing a couple rooms in my new home. I have some furniture of varying levels of quality from a $500 sofa to a Mid Range Broyhill queen bdrm set with 1 nightstand and 1 dresser that cost me around $3K.

I am currently looking to buy a King Bedroom set with 2 night stands, dresser, and media chest. And a living room sectional.

I have found a couple bedrooms at havertys I liked and a couple of bed sets from universals pennsylvania house collection. I have also priced a broyhill and craftmaster custom sectional. The sales associate at Havertys mentioned a 100% acrylic fabric option for their sofas that is supposedly very durable and stain resistant. Any thoughts on this?

The bedroom sets are running around $5.5K and the Sectionals are pricing anywhere from $2-3K depending on the number of pieces.

The bedrooms sets I am narrowed down to at the moment are Havertys Bayhall collection made by Benrhardt and the Pennsylvania House New Lou Collection.

The Sectionals were the custom selections from both craftmaster and broyhill. The sales associate at Havertys mentioned a 100% acrylic fabric option for their sofas made by bayhau that is supposedly very durable and stain resistant. Any thoughts on this?

What can I expect in the way of life and durability from these sets? How much more would I need to spend to get something better? Where is the line of diminishing returns on this stuff in regards to the cost to quality and durability ratio?

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There is unfortunately no correlation between how much you spend, and how good the furniture might be these days. You can spend a fortune on a sofa, but if it has the wrong fabric for its use, it could be ruined in a year. In addition, most people will want to replace their furniture long before it wears out. The furnishings you have selected appear to be some very nice mid-range, traditional/transitional items. The bedroom pieces are French influenced in their styling. These items should last for years.

You mention this is a new home, though that can mean new construction or simply new for you. I would caution against so many wood bedroom set pieces, unless the room is very large. This many items in an average size bedroom will make the space feel very small quickly & give it the appearance of a furniture warehouse.

As a designer, I would consider eliminating the media cabinet and mount the flatscreen (if a TV is your intent) over the dresser, or keep the media cabinet and eliminate the dresser, and then spend the money to outfit the walk-in closet (if you have one) with drawers and shelves to hold the contents you planned to place in the dresser/media cabinet. Or consider combining the wood cabinet pieces with an upholstered headboard to add some interest, color and contrast to the room. I would caution against using a sleigh footboard on the bed unless the room is very large, you are prepared for stubbed toes, and you consider in advance your bed linens solution. Sleigh style beds can make it harder to flip a mattress and dress a bed. Just some suggestions. Good luck with your purchases.

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Thanks beverly!

The home is a resale and the master is rather large approx 13' x 17'. We considered an upholstered or leather headboard but were worried about staining and wear tear long term as well as the construction. The walk in idea sounds interesting and I did find the closet systems we saw at Ikea to be affordable and rather functional. However the walk in in this home while a good size it is limited by one of the front windows being one of the walls for thecloset. I could definitely implement a closet system for the cost of one of the pieces and that is something I will consider.

Knowing that my master is rather large do you still advise eliminating a furniture piece in lieu of a closet system? Also from a stain resistance and durability standpoint how are leather, faux leather, and upholstered headboards comparatively to wood.

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One other question about the color of the upholstery on the bed. If I elect to go upholstered should the upholstery match the wood furniture, the walls, or should it contrast with both?

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Not sure on what might go on in your bedroom, but are you really concerned about durability of leather on a headboard? Leather gets a patina that is attractive. There is more wear and tear on a sofa than on a headboard. Any leather or fabric headboard can be sprayed with a standard waterproofing you use on shoes and boots, to protect it from any water stains. If you're concerned about hair products staining on leather or fabric, I'd recommend Crypton Fabric Protection being sold by the furniture stores.

Success for the room is dependent on where your windows and doors are located & how you lay out the room. I have attached a somewhat standard layout using the Universal bedroom set dimensions you noted with the King Size bed, dresser and 2 nightstands. If you use a King size bed, you'll want the larger sized nightstands so the proportions are appropriate to the bed.

I'm not a fan of putting the dresser across from the bed, but I don't know where your windows are located. I don't recommend the use of mirrors over dressers. It's passe', and it's only promoted by the furniture manufacturers. People get made up in their bathrooms and closets. I recommend a full length mirror be installed somewhere for your use in your bed/bath suite.

If you want a flatscreen in the bedroom, it could simply be mounted on the wall alone or with a small shelf beneath it. The bedroom pic in my first posting only had the bed, 2 nightstands and a chest for the husbands clothes and that room was pretty close in size to yours, but only 2 windows to deal with.

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Here is a picture of my bedroom before I switched out the round tables for 3' chests on either side of the bed. There is a flatscreen opposite the bed but I have a small shelf mounted to hold the flatscreen up. The room is 12 x 15. I have no other furniture other than the chair in the room.

Like I said, I would not get another bed with a footboard because it makes the bed harder to change. This is an issue as I get older and because I live alone. The woven rattan makes the bed easy enough to dust.

As for closet organizers, I am a big IKEA fan, but for closets I use Easy Track Closet systems. They are available nationwide. I used to buy them at Sears, but many Best Hardware stores carry them and I have attached a link for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Easy Track Closet Systems

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Beverly here is the current pics of the master from the MLS listing

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Okay, you already know I'm a designer, so I'm going to give my opinion. It's a good size room. Window placement is great. Not a fan of the paint color, and the ceiling fan is not the right selection for this room. No lights that shine down on fans is my rule. The ceiling is an intricate assemblage for this trey ceiling detail. Not sure the alternating blue and white strip appearance was the best decision. I think I would simply paint it all one color.

Although the furniture fits, IMO there is too much of it, and you already know how I feel about the mirror. I'd 86 it. There is a new luxury in spareness.

The room is filled with right angles. The room, the ceiling, the windows, the door frames and then this owner has further reinforced all these angles by adding a huge headboard, footboard , 2 dressers and mirror that all have more right angles. I'm looking for some relief and looking for some curves to soften the right angles. I am not a Feng Shui expert, but I can tell you that the Chinese think, that many corners in a bedroom is not conducive to a happy relationship.

Can I assume that you will add an area rug to the room? I would recommend a king size bed, 2 large nightstands for storage & an oversized high chest about 60" high (maybe painted?) to be placed where the dresser/mirror currently is located. Maybe a console table under the flat screen. Let me see if I can find a combination of pieces that will illustrate what I am referring to for your bedroom.

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I normally don't buy mirrors for a dresser but the built in storage and the fact my wife tends to put her necklaces and earrings on in front of the dresser the mirror actually is functional for our usage.

In addition I have actually opted to go with a bit higher end sectional from kincaid that features sunbrella fabric, 8 way hand tied springs, and qualux cushions. My salesperson was able to get it down to around 4600 dollars which for the number of pieces and the higher quality construction, more durable fabric, and better cushions seems like a good deal

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You might want to view this selection of bedroom photos I assembled that illustrate a mix and match concept for bedroom furniture. I hope this link works. I tested it, but you never know.

Also, I really like the Universal New Lou collection, but maybe you might consider combining it with an upholstered bed similar to the ones below. These come in different fabrics and are from Macy's, but almost any furniture store has upholstered beds to offer.

As for the mirror, you might want to select an accent mirror that doesn't match the bedroom set. but complements the style and contrasts.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bedrooms

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In my opinion go slowly and do one room or a few pieces at a time but purchase better quality pieces. A high end well made set of upholstered furniture or a well made bedroom or dining room can last for decades. A cheap sofa may last 5 years for example. A well made sofa may last 30 years. In the end you save money buying a better quality piece and feel that you made a more worthwhile investment.

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Your thread just came up in my search for a Kincaid sofa review, and it sounds like exactly what I'm considering buying!

I'm looking at Kincaid with sunbrella fabric and high end cushions.

What did you get, and has it held up well?


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