Water took off leather dye?

2ajsmamaJuly 5, 2010

My dad has a leather recliner, light tan. He sat in it after taking a shower, my mom saw his hair was wet, made him get up and she wiped the wet spot with a towel. She claims she didn't rub but some of the color came off in tiny specks (no color transfer to the towel so not her fault). I also saw ends of the arms where he pulls himself up have color loss, but thinks that's due to abrasion.

She says she's used a "conditioner" on the back now, don't know if there is anything to do to make this "speckled" area look better short of taking it to refinisher to redye the whole chair?

Sorry no photos - but maybe I can take my camera to their house tomorrow.

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Its not dye thats coming off but the pigmented color. A leather repair person may be able to repair this, but dont expect this leather chair to last very long. It like throwing good money after bad if you spend very much on the repairs.

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What's the difference b/t "dye" and "pigmented color"? It's not a hard shiny waxed leather, so I thought it might be aniline, though the brochure she had from Lane didn't say.

We have aniline dye leather jackets that are 20 yrs old (OK, we don't wear them much, and not in the rain though they have been sprinkled/snowed on a few times) and they have never done anything like this.

I forgot my camera the other day when I took her to dr.

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The dye penetrates the leather, so on a 100% aniline dyed leather, the dye will not come off in the way your describe. Also if it was aniline or semi-aniline leather then Lane would definitely put this in their brochure. Corrected grain or pigmented leather makes up about 60% of the leather furniture sold, and about the other 35 % is going to be By-cast or some type of rebond. Only about 5% is true aniline dyed.
Leather is a natural product, normally not affected by water. But that doesnt mean you can or should wash your leather furniture.

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It might be semi-aniline, I will have to look at the tag underneath. Still didn't think it would do that. Only thing I could think to tell her to do is not do anything to it, call the store. I think she spent about $1000 on the chair last year. Looked on the Lane website, I don't remember exactly what it looks like, the model I thought was close was leather match, but doesn't that just mean the seating area/arms are some kind of leather (likely protected or semi-aniline), and back is vinyl?

She swears all she did was wipe off the wet spot from his hair.

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