After Repair Garage Door Will Not Auto Reverse

cwbrownMarch 20, 2013


Thanks in advance for any help. I have a 1/2 hp Craftsman opener on a sectional door. I installed it on a newly constructed home in 2001. It has worked fine for over 10 years.

Last week it quit working and I quickly noticed that the chain had jumped off the sprocket. Upon further investigation I noted that the shaft the sprocket was not balanced. I ordered a replacement kit. After removing the drive I found that a spacer near the sprocket had been completely eaten away. The area around the drive was full of metal shavings.

Replacing the gear was easy but after reconnecting the chain I hit the button. The garage door was driven into the ground to the point that the opener rail bowed upwards. I ran underneath and pulled the emergency release.

Adjusting the limit solved the problem of the door being driven into the ground but the door will still not auto reverse. If I put a two by four down on the floor the door just smashes down on top of it.

I tried adjusting the downward force but even set to zero it behaves the same. My only guess is that the rail or maybe even the trolley was bent and as a result the opener is not "detecting" when the door is hitting something.

The safety IR beam is still functional. If I block the eye the door will auto reverse.

I'm also a little confused as to why changing out the gear drive seems to have changed the limits and created this problem.

Has anyone seen a door that completely fails to autoreverse?

Thank you,

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I'd open up the drive unit to see if something is blocking the mechanical switch that detects obstructions.

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