Garage Door Tracks/ Cracked floor

tom418March 7, 2011

I have a crack in my 15 year old garage's floor.

The crack is a quarter inch wide, and it starts right where the garage track meets the floor. I was surprised to see that the builder actually embedded the bottom of the door track in the concrete!

I can't help but think that the track in concrete set up the concrete to crack. Is this how it's normally done? I would think that the bottom of the vertical section of track would be cut flush with the floor, no?

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Don't know if you have same type door as I do or not. Mine is overhead roll down on track type with 2 springs above the door that are on a steel pole so if they break can't fly off. My track ends about just off the floor. The door is on rollers & there is another heavy twisted wire system also that is in straight up & down steel track that is in floor from when house built & had old fashioned springs that could break with door that was 1 piece instead of sections of wood. Watched neighbor nearly get hit with a flying spring & we put chains inside the springs but weren't comfortable with that since we were going to have kids. My house is little over 40 yrs old. No cracks in garage floor but not a snow area, just 2 major quakes & still no cracks.

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Yes, sunnyca, I have a sectional roll up. Your installation sounds like what one would expect- the tracks stop right above the floor. Mine go into the concrete.

I can't help but wonder if this created a stress point and
resulted in my floor cracking (due to moisture/ice)

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