Garagedoors - do they really need replacement? (pictures)

annemouseMarch 7, 2012

Our garage has 3 wooden, painted garage-doors, all around 20 years old. We noticed in the last year that the paint is starting to peel or even bubble of especially on the bottom 3 panels on each door. One panel has a small spot on the outside where the wood is opening up. From the back, all garage doors look OK except for some moisture. We were planning on sanding and repainting the doors after the winter. However, when one spring just broke we had a garagedoor-expert here to fix that. He said that the panels all have to go and since exchanging them is so labor intensive and thus expensive it would make more sense to replace all three doors. Do we really have to do that now or are there any other fixes possible that we are not aware of (either DIY or also by specialist)? Thanks for any advice.

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As a DIY project, replacing the panels should be easy and inexpensive.
Remove the cove molding that holds the panel in, remove and replace the panel and reinstall the molding. Prime and paint. (I'd prime the panels before installing.)

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"Remove the cove molding that holds the panel in"

Easier said than done on some production doors.

They do not use separate molding to hold the panels, but cope and stick on the structural members.

The panels are trapped in grooves in the rails and stiles of the door.
You have to rout off the shaping to free the panels, then use molding to hold the new ones in.

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