Garage door noise and insulation questions

markbrMarch 13, 2006

After posting here and on another home and garden forum, and some good ol googling. I think I narrowed down all my questions on what I am looking for.

I'd really appreciate if you can help me out with any of the questions or provide feedback.

GDO should have these features.

- Belt Driven

- r16 insulated doors, anything better? we got very cold winters in Montreal.

- Battery Back up

- Outdoor Keypad

- Comes with 2 remotes that can open either door on the same pad,.

- Do I have to replace tracks because of the noise? heard about rubber tracks that are hung. Someone suggested vibration kit, is this in addition to the tracks or does this replace the tracks? Lift Master vibration kit G89LM.

-What about air that comes in from around the doors, will new garage doors fix that or does something else have to be done?

- What HP do I need? and will more HP increase noise?

- How do I know what the current R value is of current doors, do I replace or insulate?

- Who makes the best unit and what is the model #?

thank you.

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I had talked to an over head door co. and they told me to go to a dc motor in the opener and rubber/plastic wheels on the door panels and to get belt drive. They have tried the vibration kits but that did not solve the noise.


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I'm still looking for any feedback regarding any of my above questions.


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I might be able to help with a few.
To help keep air from coming around the doors you can buy a garage door outer seal kit at the hardware store. Also make sure the door is adjusted correctly and going down all the way.
I'm not sure if there is a way to tell what the r value of your current door is unless you find the manufacturer and model number and check with them. Should be easy to tell if you have an insulated door or not. If there is only metal, its not.
I have asked the question about insulating the garage door myself. I have the basic metal ones and am not inclined to spend a few thousand to replace them with the expensive insulated ones. I've looked online extensively and not found anything that satisfied. I have some ideas though that while I haven't tried, might work. At my local home store they sell sheets of insulating board. Its pink and lightweight. It could be glued to the inside of the doors and the weight wouldn't effect its use. The r-value is relatively low but it would help. Another idea, would be to use the spray foam insulation. You know the stuff (like great stuff) that pro's spray between studs, it expands, then they trim it? I don't think there are any consumer applicators that spray it on large areas, just cans to spray it into cracks so you would probably have to get a pro to do it. Keep in mind, these are just theories.

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Liftmaster, by Chamberlain. 1/2 hp garage door opener system. model 3280 Belt Drive. Is the most quiet. I have rarely found a way to quite a noisy door openers. Usually it is the lens covers loose, (sears) try removing this for starters..Some are just noisy. Screw drives, Some Sears, and Wayne Dalton. Just a few of the noisy ones. Any Belt drive is the most quiet. Nothing else is. AC motor or DC motor is not as important as the "Belt drive option" if sears or chamberlain. Dan

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I also have a Chamberlain Liftmaster, but the model number is not at hand. It is a belt drive, and has been virtually trouble-free in three years of use (the contractor knocked it out of alignment when he drove the Komatsu into the garage and the arm didn't quite clear the drive rail). There is a thick, wide rubber 'foot' along the length of the bottom of the door that seals very well against the floor. A flexible plastic seal runs down both sides and the door closes against this. The hollow metal door is filled with 1 1/2 inch sheet insulation inside, and keeps the garage very warm. Wind has to hit the door pretty hard to get in. I also insisted on plastic 'wagon-wheel' windows, as it made all the difference in the world in terms of light in the garage.
Making sure the door is square and plumb makes for a quieter door, and the motor doesn't have to work so hard to operate it.

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