garage door stops after lube and tightening

drewguyMarch 8, 2010

One weekend project was to lubricate my garage door (Chamberlain opener; Clopay door). It was a lot quieter when new (~2 yeears old), so figured I could quiet it back down. Put some silicone lube on the hinges and tightened the lag screws on the hinges. Went up and down just fine several times. Came out later that night to open it, and it would go up only 6 inches. Not an issue of security eye, since no blinking lights. Released opener and pushed it up with no problem. Reconnected. Same issue. Put some more lube on. Same issue. Loosened the lag screws a bit where I'd tightened them. That seemed to do the trick.

What's going on here? Should the lag screws be slightly loose (1/2 turn about)? Does that allow just enough play for an imperfectly straight track?

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I would try tightening the screws back up - snug - and increasing the 'up force'. You will find this control on the rear of the motor unit. This will compensate for any loss of strength of the door springs.

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I agree with Don, Check your up force. These forces are forgotten about and set at the factory setting which is low. If you can easily raise the door then the springs are fine "not broken " and it must not be catching on anything either.

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I'll give that a look. When I disconnected the door from the drive, I was able to raise it pretty easily, although it took some amount of strength.

I assume the motor should be capable of lifting it? I suppose an alternative (is it?) is to have the garage door folks out to tighten the springs. But I'd rather save a visit, since I can adjust the up force pretty easily.

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Your door should not be heavy and should stay in place when lifted to approximately waist to chest high. If it falls to the floor you need those garage door folks.

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