Sears 41DB102-2 bad logic board???

thew60March 30, 2014

I have a Sears belt drive 3/4HP battery backup opener model 41DB102-2. Manufactured Nov, 2012 purchased and installed by me 12/12.
In April 2013, I noted a bulb out on the right side (with the wires for the sensors and wall control). As soon as I opened the lens, the door opened and control panel went out. I checked the wiring in the top, removed the control wires and reconnected them. This caused the âÂÂdoor to openâÂÂ. When I reconnected the wiring to the control, the control was still blank. I disconnected the power and the battery thinking I would somehow reset the opener to no avail. I again removed the wires from the connection and redid it.
Now the strange part. As when I opened the lens cover, this time closing it, it caused the door to open/ close. There was no catching of the wires which I had neatly placed in the clip on the housing. The control panel now lit gave an error message which disappeared before I could write it down. I changed the bell wire to the wall control to be sure and it worked (for the moment)

After negotiation with the opener (it has a life of its own) I got it working properly with all systems go on the control panel.

Soon after, I tried to call Sears for a warranty query and was told UNDER WARRANTY that I would have to pay $100 for someone to come to my home to assess the unit. I could otherwise bring it in (really?) for no charge and leave it there for diagnostics, they would not just exchange it.

I got nowhere with Sears, but unit has been working...until yesterday when that same bulb went out. This time the wall control does not work at all. Interesting, when I PUSH on the wire terminals on the logic board, the door opens and closes (???) I re stripped the bell wire, used a volt meter to confirm that it is intact, and it still does not work. All of the remotes, Homelink button and outside keypad (all wireless) work fine. Just the wall mounted control DEAD

If I knew it was the logic board, I would buy one for $75 and install myself. Model of the unit is 41DB102-2
Any ideas? I am going to call Sears Consumer Affairs this week to express my displeasure.

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Just posting in follow up, I called Sears consumer affairs and they offered me absolutely nothing of interest; useless. I purchased and installed a brand-new logic board. Everything is working completely normal now. Never buying from sears again...

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