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joe_mnOctober 3, 2013

sent in rebate form. include upc code from package. receipt. rebate form. got postcard back. denied. said there was no rebate for that item. and i did not include receipt. what the bleep? called office. talked to lady. she said yep, its true. said i could resubmit all info again. huh? said i should have kept a copy of upc code? how the heck do i do that? good luck. she called me back next day after she talked to supervisor. said same thing. good luck. so, the other day the rebate check came in mail? what the heck. maybe i am a smooth talker.

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I used to do all those rebates. I used to get big bucks back on Sears appliances, once I got free delivery/installation/disposal of old unit in lieu of cash. Also got money back when I bought phones (not these new I-phones, smartphones,etc.) I got tired of copying everything and keeping records. I haven't done a rebate in years. I no longer even do coupons. My time has value.

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Huh, just had the same experience. World's Best Cat Litter rebate, they say that I bought the wrong size bag, no rebate. Of course I no longer have the bag. I usually keep copies but this time I didn't!

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What's your point jannie? U used to do rebates, now u don't? So shut your pie hole.

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My time is also too valuable to spend the time folding and mutilating all the forms to receive rebates so jannie is not out of line. If you have the extra time, good for you, I have better use of my time. Living life if nothing else.

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Joe_mn, that was downright rude and not called for.

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"Joe_mn, that was downright rude and not called for."

Raee, perhaps the OP felt that it was rude of Jannie to say that his time must not be that valuable if he is bothering to follow up on his rebate?

Just saying.

I'm not crazy about rebates but will do one if the savings is worth it to me.

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Giving up on coupons? NEVER! My wife saves an average of 25% on groceries every week using coupons.

There are 4 months every year with 5 weeks in them. So by saving the 25% on average, we get free groceries on those months with 5 weeks.

Time is valuable. My wife spends an average of a half hour per week doing coupons. And that's on Sunday morning with the newspaper coupons.

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How much time does she use to assemble and then removing older coupons that have expired. How much time does she spend pulling the coupons from the holder when in the store. Just pulling and checking to see if the particular size/type is the same as the coupon should increase the time spent in the store. If she waits until she is in line, which many do, what about the inconvenience to others, people in line, clerk. There is more time wasted doing these things. Nice that you consider it worth while but much of what I buy, good products, you will never find a coupon for. Do you do the shopping or just your wife.

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My wife is not one of those "extreme couponers".

She sits in her easy chair on Sunday morning and does all that within her usual half hour. The paper usually has a couple of coupon inserts as well as the grocery chain's ad that also has coupons in it. She puts her coupons in an envelope with her grocery list and she's done.

Then WE go shopping on Monday. She might have anywhere from 5 to 20 coupons.

Our grocery bill without coupons is usually about $100. Then she uses her store discount card and the coupons, and it totals an average of 25% in savings. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
She shops, goes to the checkout, takes the paper out of the envelope, hands the clerk the discount card and coupons, and we're outta there.

Also, we get 10 cents per gallon off the price of gas at Sunoco for every $50 we spend at this particular chain. Right now we're up to $2.20 off. There have been times I have filled my car for under 50 cents per gallon. Doing that takes no time at all.

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joe_mn, everyone has right to like or dislike using coupons. But there is absolutely NO excuse being rude on a public forum to a fellow poster.

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I totally agree with getting the rebate offered on appliances and other big ticket items. But stuff at the grocery store is different - notice that it is only processed food that offers coupons. There is rarely a coupon for fresh fruit, greens, etc. So we don't bother at the grocery store because we mostly buy stuff that is not processed. To each, his own.

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Laundry detergent, baking supplies, etc are not processed foods. We have used the store coupons for fruit, cheese, meat, etc. Last week she got a full eye round for literally half price. We went home and she cut it into 3 meals and put it into the freezer.

We haven't eaten a frozen dinner in over 35 years.

But hey, if you don't want to do it, I don't really care. it works for us, and that's all that matters to me.

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"notice that it is only processed food that offers coupons."

Ah... you must get different coupons that I do!

I also eat very little processed foods . I DO buy some, like peanut butter (which I use a coupon for!).

But, I use coupons for shampoo, make-up, laundry detergent, deodorant/antiperspirant, dishwashing detergent, and the like.
We get LOADS of coupons for things that are not processed food!

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I quit using coupons when I had much more serious things to think about. My husband was diagnosed with AZ and I cared for him for 4 years. I got out of the habit of using them and now I choose not to waste my time since I eat most of my meals out.

I did save lots of money over the years using them. I was not an extreme coupon user either.

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Some choose to take the time ...

... some don't.

So ... why get into one another's hair?

It keeps me busy running my own life, without attempting to run yours, as well. When my kids were young, part of my job as a parent was to help them prepare for useful, efficient independence.

ole joyful

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RE - coupons. I haven't had to pay for toothpaste or toothbrushes in years. I pay pennies for deodorant and shampoo. Razors super cheap. My kids do their hygiene product shopping in my closet. I get so much for free that I regularly donate hygiene items to our Fisher House.

I spend about an hour a week. I don't sort through coupons - I keep the coupon inserts intact and go to sites that list what is one sale that can have a coupon added. We cut out what we plan to get and make a list. It takes a few extra minutes at the store for the check out process. It is amazing what you can get for free from the drug stores. At grocery stores, I regularly pay 50% less than the generic brands. Our grocery stores have electronic coupons, too - such a deal. Healthy cereals, dairy, baking supplies, cooking oils, pasta, tomato sauce, soups, canned and frozen vegetables, frequent $3 off $5 fresh produce purchases, bread, the list goes on. Right now, at Safeway using their ecoupons, I can save on green onions, butter, eggs, cheese, salad kits, etc. The REAL secret is matching up the sales with the coupons. It really is easy once you figure it out.

Our income is well above median and we have no debt concerns. However, we aren't making money in the evening watching a mindless TV program. I don't think my time will ever be more valuable than saving money on things I am going to buy anyway. But, if people don't care about spending more than they have to that is their business.

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