Garage Door wall button opener

hoeandhopeMarch 17, 2009

The wall button to my garage door must be getting worn out. It is old and when I push it, it may or may not open the door. If I fiddle around with it, it will finally open the door. I have bought a new very simple door opener button but do not know how to install it. It has two screws inside and two that mount to the wall. I don't know much about electricity so am not sure if I have to throw the breaker that goes to the garage. I really don't want to have to do that because I am not sure which breaker it is so if I start throwing breakers I will have to reset all clocks, DVD etc to find the right one. Please advise. I would like to take care of this myself instead of calling an electrician.

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Don't throw breakers. The voltage going to that button is so low you cannot even feel it. Attach the 2 wires screw it to the wall and you should be just fine.

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Don, Thanks for your solution. I will try it tomorrow with confidance that I won't be fried.

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Don, I used your advice and got the wall door opener installed. It works like a charm. Thanks for saving me a bill from the electrician.

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Ron Natalie

The garage door opener almost certainly just plugs into an outlet.

While the voltages aren't high, you'll almost certainly push the button any number of times in the progress and having the door run while you're doing that is a bit annoying.

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Just a suggestion....this coming weekend, why not throw each of your breakers, one at a time and record what circuits they protect? That will make future home maintenence efforts a little easier.

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I think she's gone guys. Her problem was solved.

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Thanks for the suggestion of taking time to throw each braker and mark it. I had already thought of it and my sister and I are going to do that.

The button was direct wired and did not plug into an outlet. Didn't have any trouble with it making the door go up and down while installing.

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