Pottery Barn slipcover sofa

kaspjJuly 8, 2005

Hi, Has anyone purchased the PB basic slipcovered sofa? How do the slipcovers hold up after washing/laundering? Will the sofa last to spend $800 for a new slipcover? I have two children ages 4 and 5. Are slipcovered sofas the way to go? I really like the brushed canvas fabric in sage and have not found a similar fabric by other manufacturers.Many others feel Pb is overpriced for the quality. I was browsing the clubfurniture website,though they do not have the sage color. Any other recommendations for a casual, similar style with a superior quality? Thanks for any replies. Joan

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Try searching on this board for slipcover. There are some opinions/info on it.

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I purchased the Ektorp slipcovered sofa from Ikea about 5 years ago. I think I paid $300 for the sofa itself and an extra $100 for each slipcover. I have just throw the slipcover in the washer when needed. I also like the ability to change the look of the sofa - I have a white slipcover for spring and summer and navy blue for fall and winter.
I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a sofa that will take a lot of abuse from my kids and pets. I am surprised at how well it has held up - especially for Ikea. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is a very light-weight sofa - it doesn't feel sturdy, but like I said it has held up well for us.

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PB sofas are made by Mitchell Gold, which has a pretty good reputation even though they don't make their sofas to industry standards (8-way hand tied springs). I have a MG sofa that has held up pretty well, but it is tailored, not slipcovered, so I can't be of assistance on that issue. However, it seems smart going with a darker color slipcover as you have small kids.

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We had a PB Charleston slipcovered sofa and I can tell you from experience that the slipcovers do not hold up well to repeated washing. While the fabric is fine, they just don't fit right after washing, plus the zippers on the corners are very poor quality and IMO not intended to be repeatedly opened and closed.

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I have the PB basic sofa, chair and ottoman. I have two sets of slipcovers--one for summer and one for winter.

I have only laundered them once. You do have to put them back on when they are still slightly damp, otherwise they may shrink and be hard to get on.

I bought the second set of slip covers on Ebay. They were much cheaper than the catalog price. They were most likely outlet merchandise, and do not fit quite as perfectly as the original slipcovers, but I like the slightly rumpled look, so I have no problem with them.

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I have two PB grand square sofas, and I've only laundered them once. They're very comfortable and look great in our big great room. You have to put the laundered slipcover back on when they're kinda damp.

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I have the PB Basic Loveseat, loveseat sleeper and chair and ottoman - The furniture's great - but the covers have not worn well and I've only laundered them twice in the 4 years I've had them - I have the canvas because I thought they would do better-- but I have 2 children and I went with the stone color - my bad - I now want to change to a darker color - and it is A FORTUNE !!!! Almost cheaper to buy new furniture! I have been searching and searching for knock offs - I went on ebay but no luck - The search continues -- but be carfeul - go dark and strong if you have kids. ALso - if they are not being placed on a rug - but going on a wood floor - put grippers on the feet because they slide!!!

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Unless you have well-made furniture and are buying an almost custom-made slipcover, there is no guarantee it will do well. I had one made a few years back. The fabric was $20/yard on sale and the gal charged me $500 to make the slipcover. It was worth it because it was for my old leather sofa(purchased in 1979) which is still doing well (while the "more expensive" one I purchased two years ago is not as the cushions have "bit the dust." I might add after they were out of warranty by 3-1/2 months). I am glad I had the slipcover made for my other old sofa. It has held up well, is very pretty, but the fabric requires dry cleaning. It is my fall & winter cover.

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Does anyone have the twill slip covers? I am considering purchasing a used (3 yrs old) pottery barn Charleston sofa for around $500, and purchasing new slip covers for it.

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I had PB basic with twill slip cover. Like it. It doesn't have rumpled look.

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Hi, We manufacture high quality furniture in NC including many slipcovered pieces, and are starting a new web based business selling replacement slipcovers for pieces by pottery Barn, Mitchell Gold, Restoration Hardware etc.(replacementslipcovers.com). We need old sets to use to produce patterns to make new ones. We need many styles If you would send us your old set, we will make you new ones for just the cost of the fabric. We have many great fabrics from which to choose.

If you might be interested in something like this let me know

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You should check out sofacraft.org

they make many slipcovered styles like Pottery Barn or Shabby Chic or Crate& Barrel at a fraction of the cost and their quality is even better!!!

My neighbors and I have been buying from them for years, since they have such great prices, we can change the look of our homes more often. It's so fun!!

Sofacraft is located in Orange County, CA and ther phone number is (949)916-0522

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I have purchased my sofas at Comforts of Home in Laguna Hills... Now, I think they are in Irvine I believe. They are great and I think are better than the PB ones I always see. I have referred everyone I know to them. The only thing, is that they told me it would take 4 weeks and it turned out to be 1 1/2 weeks!!! My flooring wasn't done but we worked it out.

Highly recommended!
tell him Marla G sent you!

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I am pretty happy with the couch I bought from www.customsofadesign.com . Those guys saved me a lot of money and their styles are very up to date. They also offer eco friendly furniture at a reasonable price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Customsofadesign

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