Looks like they need a forum just for door openers

blue_fastbackMarch 9, 2007

I cant believe all the posts for garage door opener problems. Looks like a new forum is needed.

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Wouldn't hurt. What was it you were looking for? Maybe we can help!

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My garage door opener works fine. It was just an abservation.

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This forum actually helped me decide not to put a garage door opener in my new garage. It appears that it is much faster, easier, and cheaper to manually open a garage door than it is to get advice, find parts, and fix an electric opener. I would, however, second the suggestion that a "garage door opener" forum would be nice.


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I'll go along with that. I rarely come to this forum, b/c that's all I see posted, and my garage door (self-installed) works fine. I was more hoping to find people posting pics of their great workshops w/ clever ideas as far as flooring, storage, workbenches, etc.

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Agreed! It's almost impossible to wade through all the garage door/opener posts to find anything else.

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AMEN !!!!!

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My garage door opener lasted over 20 years and never gave me a single problem. As far as opening the garage goes anyway. Boy I really miss her, she cooked pretty good too! ;-)

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seems as though most of them are Sears / Craftsman.

Dictum sapienti sat est

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Dictum sapienti sat est

I have no idea what that means, but if you type in craftsman opener in google it brings up this forum. Maybe that is why they are all sears or craftsman or because they are the most popular openers in the world??

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I dont think the Craftsman door opener are the most popular. I think they are just poor quality and constantly break. Im glad I dont own one.

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I also had a similar problem with my Sears Craftsman garage door opener. While Sears said the part may be covered by warranty, it would cost $65 for them to get it done. I am considering filing a class action lawsuit against Sears. If you would like more information on joining the class, please email a summary of your experience with Sears and/or the garage door opener, along with your contact information: name, tele. no., e-mail address. Thanks, Mitchell Rait. mrait@comcast.net

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What if your workshop doesn't garage door entrance? For real, there are page after page of garage door comments. How many problems can a Craftsman have? I'd actually like to get a word in edgewise about something/anything else, but it too much hassle. Thanks,

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I also was at first glad to see this forum added and was hoping to find new ideas to organize my garage/shop but I check back on this forum less and less because all there is are how do I fix my craftsman GDO. I have had chamberlains on my doors for 10 years without a problem. My advice is if you have a craftsman opener and it stops working here are the steps to take: 1) Take it down. 2)Throw it in the garbage. 3)Buy a new opener.(any brand but craftsman) 4) Stop pluging up this forum with hopes of fixing something that is just going to give you more problems.

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I don't understand why these people couldn't just do a search for their garage door problems. I came here much like many others here, hoping to find new ways to organize and re-fresh my garage. I've waded through let's see, 6 or 7 pages and have found only a very few interesting subject matters. This is when I found THIS thread which reflected exactly how I feel! It's just not worth trying to get through the junk in order to find the treasures.

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Just my observation, and YES I do fix GDOs for sears:

Oleycow you are ignorant. Chamberlains and craftsmen are the same, the P/n's are the same. If it specs the same fetures, its the same opener.

Mitch, did Sears promise you the warranty would cover the part and labor and then not do what they said?

Or did you just not read the warranty? I think the warranty for most models is parts for 1 or two years, labor is 90 days. It depends on the opener.

At least two of the 3 main people who answer ?? here and are GDO professionals think well of the Chamberlains/c-men/liftmasters.

I would rather work on one of them than an old or new genie anyday, with the possible exception of changing the screw and rail assy, but then the s/rail assy only wears out if the customers door is CRAZY out of balance.

Good night now.

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Settle down techdave! The posts you are responding to are more than six months old. I believe the purpose of this post was to poke fun at the fact that this forum (and others) are full of "Help my garage door opener won't work." To call people ignorant and accuse them of not reading the warranty is uncalled for. No one was bashing GDO professionals.

I came to this forum in hopes of finding some ideas for a workshop/apartment we are planning on building but gave up due the number of posts on GDOs. It's too difficult to wade through all the posts to find what I am looking for.

FWIW I think that the people like yourself who answer questions here must have the patience of a saint to continuously answer the same question again and again. I wish more people could/would use the search.

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