Old Charleston Reclaimed Pine--Mixing Widths?

CheriPatriceApril 1, 2011

Our subcontractor does not have enough of the 7-1/2 inch for our whole project, so we went with the 4-3/4. He has now offered to use the remaining 7-1/2 inch for as far as it will go, before using the 4-3/4. One idea was to intermix the widths through the main living and dining, and eventually it would by 100% 4-3/4 by the time he gets to the kitchen. He said the colors are consistent enough to do this. Has anyone seen rooms done with alternating widths? Have you seen any pictures that I could take a look myself?



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I have seen mixed packages of 2 sizes where the two were closer, like 5 and 6, but most random width floors that I've seen are 3 or more sizes. Can he order more?

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