Water tank for unheated garage

mike8149March 18, 2007

I posted this on the tool shed form and just now realize it probably should of been on this form. I have a unheated detached garage and rather than run a water line I want to install a 35gal water tank above my rafters. The ceiling is 9' and the truss's will support the weight. The plan is to gravity feed a laundry tub faucet for occassional water for plants etc, nothing heavy duty. Has anyone done this? Can you please give me your feedback? Thanks

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Unheated garage in North Dakota or Florida? If it gets below freezing where you are, the pipes can freeze. Guess you could drain it for the Winter.
How were you going to get the water into the tank?

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Thanks Ron,

I have a faucet about 125' away and was planning on filling the tank every 3 or 4 weeks. The main purpose will be for watering plants, washing hands etc. I live in Illinois and freezing possibilities are anywhere from around Dec to April so I'll just drain it during that time frame as I'm not in the garage anyway and do not need water. My main interest is to make sure I have enough gravity to produce adequate water pressure.

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The tanks above the sink. Water will come out enough to fill a watering can. I don't know how much pressure you want.

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