mrplattsMarch 22, 2006

So, in my new house I've pretty much decided that the ballet that I have to go through to wedge my car in the garage is too much effort. There is more than enough driveway to go around. & the street is a cul-de-sac\, so parking is a non-issue for now.

This gives me free reign of the garage to convert it into a nice workshop / storage space for all of my gear.

I spent the last few days undoing the previous owner's seeming fascination with banging (now rusty) nails into stuff. I'm pretty sure this was their solution to all storage needs. Bang a nail into the wall and hang someting on it. (are you supposed to nail straight into the mortar between the concrete block??) I saw this more as a tetanus risk than anything else.

There was some step-cracking from previous shifting (fixed with wall anchor system) It has been "fixed" with caulk & then painted over. I think this should be properly fixed with mortar. I've also got a ton of holes to fix in the garage after my nail-pulling session.

Would you go to the effort of pulling out the caulk and cleaning up the cracks and fixing them or just say "to hell with it, it's a garage."

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One should never anchor anything in mortar between blocks and brick. The rest of your post would most likely be a personal preference thing.
After pulling nails, I'd hit the holes with mortar. This would be for looks only, to hide the tetanus risk holes. Although caulk in the settlement cracks was to hide the cracks, I'd dig any loose caulk out and plug with mortar and then paint the walls. Again, for looks and mental gratification only. Adding the mortar isn't going to give it any more strength. Since this will be your hangout, why not do it now while it's new to you and not as cluttered as it will be 5 yuears from now?

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Thanks for the advice. I'll make it a springtime project. Good Idea to do it now before all the junk one accumulates in there. I've got to mortar some brick on the outside so I might as well do it all at once.



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