garage door stalling, track bending

wakkoMarch 5, 2012

Video attached here

At first i thought it was just because the garage door was not oiled, so i oiled up the screw drive and while quieter, it still stops up at the same exact place everytime. What else could it be or what do i need to check for? I looked at the safety sensors and it always stays solid so i don't think that's an issue.

Here is a link that might be useful: garage door

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The problem is not with the opener.
It looks like the door itself, probably the bottom, is hitting an obstruction, or perhaps a roller mechanism has failed.
To locate the problem, release the GDO arm from the door, and lower the door manually.

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The door is slightly crooked, like one side is higher than the other. any easy way to adjust this? Also where the GDO attaches to the arm it's looks like there is plenty of space
* represents where the arm connects to, if it's on the left side it looks to pull the door in the center, if its in the middle or right it pulls the GDO off center.

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You need to call a door repairman before anymore damage is done.

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can you explain to me what's wrong with it?

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You would need to see the entire door not just the portion you showed. Have you tried releasing the door like Randy suggested? It is definitely a door problem and not the opener although the opener is taking a beating with your continued operating.

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