Making swivel chairs swivel

JuxieJuly 22, 2014

I just bought 4 fabulous mod swivel chairs from the 1970's on CL. Two of them swivel easily but the other two are really hard to move. I tried WD-40 and it hasn't done much. Any suggestions?

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First thing to check is that the mounting bolts are secure and all the way in. Sometimes they work out and interfere with the rotation.

WD40 would not be my choice of lubricants, these things have grease in the ball bearings.

If all else fails, you can buy replacement swivels. After 40 years they could have worn out. Note there are at least 3 different types.
- free swiveling flat
- return to one location flat
- tilt

They also come in different sizes, one about 6" and another about 10"

One source with tutorials

another source?

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Thanks bobsmyunclue for all the info! The mounting bolts are secure. I got WD40 on the advice of the hardware store, I think because it has that little straw for application. Is there another grease I could spray in there without taking them apart? I don't think the swivels are worn out because they look almost new, and have been stored away in a basement.

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Try white lithium grease. It comes in an aerosol with a tube. It's fairly thin, then the solvent evaporates and becomes a more viscous grease. It's not always what is in there now (but sometimes is), but should loosen up what you have. Liquid Wrench is one brand of this product.

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Thanks! Will try it.

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Also try vaseline

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