Need advice on sealing garage

jason91230March 8, 2013

I need advice on sealing my garage floor. The only reason I am doing this is because I have a finished basement area directly under the garage floor. Before it was finished, we would get rust marks on the metal tray frame that served as the ceiling under the garage. We'd also get little rust drop marks on the floor of the basement which obviously means water was getting through the floor below.

I dont care about looks or anything like that. I just dont want any water to stain my new ceiling under the garage.

The garage is in 4 pads that were not caulked until recently so that probably had a lot to do with the water getting through but I want to seal the whole floor to be sure.

I've heard I can use Seal Krete Clear Seal or some type of epoxy paint. What is the best solution for not allowing any water to get through?

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Sealer is to seal up the pores of the concrete to protect the concrete itself, but it doesn't make the concrete watertight. You need to find all cracks and caulk them up, then use a masonry/concrete waterproofing like DryLok (available at HD and Lowes).

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