Convert 2 garage doors to one????

andrelaplume2March 7, 2008

I am turning to you guys for some advise. We moved into a new home a year ago with a 2 car side entry garage. You pull in the driveway and must make a 90 degree left turn to get in. For me, I pull in on an angle, back up on a turn so I am lined up and pull in. My better half (weÂll call her Maria Andretti) attempts to pull in without backing up. This has lead to tire marks in my lawn (the driveway should be wider I am told) as well as a clipped passenger mirror and now a crushed front bumper. I think it has sunk in that her method is not going to work. Still it is a bit of a squeeze width wise.

I thought IÂd throw this out thereÂÂwe have two garage doors with maybe a foot wide wall between them. There is no pole in our garage, its wide open area. What are the chances that the foot wide wall could be removed and the two doors replaced with a single one. It is a 2 story colonial and our bedroom sits partially above the garage. Doing this should eliminate her parking problems and make it easier for me to get stuff in and out of the garage. What do you think it would cost? The door openers are likely due for replacement soon. The doors do not appear in bad shape but likely could use some fine tuning and new springs and such. IÂd like to know the possibilities before I replace anything. HAs anyone ever heard of doing such a thing?

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The most critical part of what you propose is going to be getting a proper support header spanning the total width over the double door. Our double wide door has two 16" gluelams as the header. Any good lumberyard should be able to size the proper header for you. With a room above, you'd probably need to build a temporary wall in the garage about 2 or 3 feet in from the doors to support the house above, then do the demolition work and install the new header. I wouldn't do this yourself unless you're very experienced. After the header is in, it's just a matter of trimming things out and installing a new door.

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...sounds expensive......???

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So is auto body work and landscaping!

Get more than one estimate from reputable contractors in your area. This involves structural elements and shouldn't be considered diy unless you are familiar w/ the process.

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