Carbonized bamboo vs strand vs other HW

coll_3April 27, 2011


We are remodeling our kitchen and I just met with the contractor. In the contract he has written carbonized bamboo floors, but now that I am researching it here that might not be the best floor for a busy family of 5 (3 boys are 7,5,3). It sounds like durability might be an issue. I need to cover 850 SF, which includes a family room, hallway and small bathroom. What would suggestions be for which type of flooring to use (the most durable)? We are going to get cherry stained cabinets and will have granite counters. We are on a tight budget. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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its not the wood but the finish that needs to be durable. Are you talking site finished or factory finished? Your happiness will be to choose a wood with some natural graining so any problems will be hidden. Products with a low shine finish won't show dirt and scratches. Your walking on the 'finish' not the grain of the wood. FF products for the most part have aluminum oxide which is very abrasive resistant and long lasting, easy to care for.

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It would be factory finished I am assuming, but I thought it was not possible to apply a "finish" to bamboo? I guess I need to ask my contractor more questions. It sounds like we want a low shine-anything else I need to look for/ask about? Thanks so much for the feedback.

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of course there is finish on bamboo flooring. Most will use aluminum oxide with urethane. Very durable and available in a matte finish.

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