Which Chamberlain GDO?

cciaffoneMarch 3, 2009

Any of y'all know whether the Chamberlains from

Home Depot are the same quality as those from

other sources? The model numbers look different,

and the combos of openers and controllers are

different? The HD openers look a lot more like

those branded Craftsman.

Looking to buy, and want a "real" Chamberlain.


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They are the same.

Chamberlain makes the same garage door opener under different models for differentiation. For instance, the Chamberlain sold at Home Depot (HD900D) is the same as the do-it-yourself model sold on Amazon and featured on the Chamberlain website (WD962KD). Lowes also sells the same thing under a different model.

The only difference from these models and the 'professional' ones is that the do-it-yourself models have a segmental rail vs. a one-piece. Some people say that the one-piece is stiffer and would last longer, but I haven't been able to find anyone who's posted that they 'wish' they got the one-piece instead. The professional install is also more expensive with less accessories.

I'm looking to get the HD900D to replace an old Genie Screwdrive that's missing the bottom sensors. Supposed to be awesome.

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