Craftsman opener going crazy

bc2000March 31, 2006

Ive got a 1/2 hp opener manufactured 10/00.

Ive been having problems with the door sporadically opening and closing as it pleases (all day it seems). Neither the hand remotes, nor the wall remote will control the unit. There is a small amber colored light on the main unit where the wires for the eye sensors plug in that is blinking. I can push the red reset button and the light will stop flashing for a good 15-20 seconds, then start right back up. I recently purchased new eye sensors and that didnt seem to solve the problem. Also ive noticed that the green light on the wall remote is just ever so slightly lit.

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That blinking light on the rear of the unit is normal. Sometimes the installer uses uninsulated staples when running the wires to the wall button. Due to movement they sometimes cut through the insulation and short the two wires intermittently. You can remove these 2 wires from terminals 1 and 2 and see if the condition improves. They are color coded and it is important to put them back correctly. The white wire with a red tracer goes to terminal 1 and the solid white wire goes to terminal 2. You could also have a problem with the wall button but this will eliminate that at the same time.

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we tried cutting a small (2') piece of wire and rigging it up real close to the unit with no avail. same for the eye sensors.

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a few weeks ago my door opened a few times by itself. the wall switch would not work. I unplugged the opener and plugged it back in and the door opened without pushing any buttons. later that nite it opened again and i decided to look in the car for the opener and i realized the button was pushed down and jammed. it was probably 1/1000ths of an inch from making contact. maybe as the car cooled the opener button got tweaked.

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My 3 year old craftsman garage door opener operates all by itself!
Yes, it is going up and down randomly continuously by itself.
I changed the battery and nothing changed. What can I do?

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