Detached garage costs

sroccMarch 30, 2007

I plan on building a detached garage, Cape style 26x28 with a 2nd story 1/2 the square footage of the 1st story.

1st floor is to be insulated and sheet rocked. 10wx8h garage doors with openers. 2nd floor will have subfloor but walls will be unfinished and sheetrock will be delivered and left on second floor for the future. Electrical will be included with sub panel, but not sure of the amps. I received a quote for $52,000 originally , and it was lowered to $50,000 almost immediately after my reaction. After talking to contractor he said the foundation alone would cost him $11,000 and 15,000 for materials. I'm thinking the materials included the lumber and windows. He said he was going to work on the price and try to get the price down to 45,000. This price also included a a 26 foot driveway drain put in front of the doors. I live about 70 miles north of New York City. Any comments would appreciated.

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Was the estimate based on blueprints or a casual conversation and pointing, here and there? If you have blueprints or even a formal plan written down you should be able to call half a dozen contractors, give them the plans and get estimates.
Blueprints would be better because the needs of the structure would be based on knowledge of codes and structure that you might not possess and the contractors might not either.
I'd lose the clowns that drop their prices every time you speak with them.

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I have a nephew that does remodeling. I asked him how he arrived at his prices and he said you throw out a price and see how the homeowners react. If they keep smiling, it's okay, but if they start looking unhappy, you start lowering it. Your contractors sound like the same kinds of workers.

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