Unable to program Liftmaster remotes

crvgtMarch 3, 2007

I have a 10 year old Liftmaster chain-driven 1/3 hp garage door opener. With help from this forum, I just successfully change both the worm and drive gear and after some trial and error, the garage door now opens and closes fine with the wall switch. However, I am now unable to program the several remotes I own which all worked fine prior to my repair. I don't think this opener has a "lock" function which I had read may be a possible cause. The opener has an amber LED that when pressed, stays solid for about 20 seconds, but then simply turns off. I actually don't remember if this LED had always been amber in the past. The LED has no reaction to the pressing of the remote buttons. Could I have damaged the main board itself in any way? Thanks in advance for your comments.


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I do not know what you could have done to damage it. If you touched part of the circuit board while replacing the gear, you would have felt it if it was plugged in. Since you door is operating fine, I would assume your circuit board is plugged in correctly, but just for safe measures double check it. Push the learn button then hit one of your remotes and see if it takes it. If not I would have to say you have extremely bad luck and your reciever on the ciruit board has gone out. Does your opener do anything when you hit the remotes?

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