Liftmaster garage remotes problems

joe5111March 16, 2007

I just purchased a new home (new to me), that has a Liftmaster garage door opener (manufactured in 2002). My problem is with the remotes (model 973LM). The keypad and inside button work like a charm and when they are used the door opens/closes normally. The remotes are another issue. I have to literally up against the garage door for them to work, and even then I have to push the button a million times. When the remote does finally work, the door does open/close, but I shouldn't have to be up against the door so close or have to push it a million times to work. There are no electronics are other devices in the garage to interfere with the signal.

I have changed the batteries in both remotes and reprogrammed them without avail. The situation is still there, where I have to drive my car to the edge of the garage door and press the button at least ten to 20 times until the garage door opens. This is the case with BOTH remotes.

Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated

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Also I checked both safety sensors. One has a solid green light and the other has a solid yellow light.....

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Sounds like the receiver section of the logic board has a problem.

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Actually I think I found the problem. My GPS (Navman) appears to be interferring with it. Once it is turned off, the remote works fine....

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Good. Another mystery solved.

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