$4,000 to make this 8' x 7' design?

threeapplesApril 12, 2012

we are using these black and white marble tiles (12") for our foyer and hallway. when i inquired with the supplier to have the design shown in this little vestibule area made for our ante room, which is only 8ft x 7 ft, they quoted us $4,000 because they said they need to cut the sizes from slabs. can this design be done cutting the 12" squares? i'd love to do this design for our anteroom, but refuse to at that price. any thoughts on whether that can be done by cutting the size we'll already have or would that look weird since this image shows larger pieces without grout in between?

Here is a link that might be useful: floor design

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I'm not an expert on this, but what about asking the supplier about what similar designs could be done for a more affordable rate?

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or, does anyone have another suggestion for a design to put on the floor of our georgian home's ante room?

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Draw it out on graph paper using 1 square to represent 1 foot. Then ask them to requote using full and cut 12" tiles. However, the design you chose is a square design and the area you are putting it in is not square, so you will need to decide how you want to handle that problem.

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4k for that does not make sense at all. Goto your local floor and decor show room and you can get 12X12 granites for ~$10 per sqft, thats the max am saying. Install should not cost you more than 4 bucks per sqft. So, 4k for this is not worth.

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I installed an elaborate bathroom floor and the materials were $1200, and three days for the fitting, cutting and installation. It was only 60 square feet.
A bid will include materials, labor and profit. If the bidder is unfamiliar with the process to create your design he is going to pad the labor to preserve the profit. He may feel that a lower price would be a risk for him, and he knows that you can't lose money if you don't take an unprofitable job. He may have enough other work right now so that he bids to risk-proof himself.
(And that out-of-position baluster on the bottom tread really is bothering me. In the example pic, that is)

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You can certainly replicate the overall scale and proportion of the design out of cut 12" squares.

To get close to the look though, consider using a dark grout where dark tile meets dark tile, and a light grout where light tile meets light tile.

That way the long thin strips made up of several cut tiles will be somewhat color-uniform. Color-wise they will resemble a single piece instead of you having dark strips being made up of dark tiles segmented by white grout and/or the white strips being segmented by white grout.

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I did not notice the out of position baluster, but you are correct...they do look wrongly positioned.


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