Outdoor storage building (shed) advice or experiences

tinker1121March 6, 2006

Need reviews on any shed experience as deciding whether to purchase a wood or vinyl kit shed from Lowes or for twice the price buy a pre-made Amish type building to be delivered.

Small yard but need an 8 x 10 shed and want to match the house somewhat since it will be rather close.

Any advice on what not to buy appreciated!

(Not sure where to post this.)

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vinyl would be my choice ease of assembly, and no maitenence.

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Get the biggest you can. I've rarely seen a shed that doesn't seem to be overloaded!

I'm debating getting an amish built one or building one myself on a concrete slab.

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If you're up to it, check out the Family Handyman magazine. It's published by readers digest, and can be found online at rd.com. It's a monthly magazine that (once in awhile) has an article and plans on how to build a shed. I'm sure that you can search online for the plans. They have different variations of it ... from a school-house looking one, to a outdoor cabin. You can probably use the plans as a base and customize it to look like your house.

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i agree with the advice about going bigger, my "shed" is 18X18 and stuffed full. at work we have 2 12X16 adn one 12X24 that are all full.

all of the above were deemed to be more than enough.

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If you've got a local lumber yard I'd start there. I live in the Chicago area and went to "Fox lumber" where they had several sheds built for display. They give you the plans and a supply list (including roofing material) which you can add or substract from. I went the the 3/4 PT for the floor instead of the the "chepo" chipboard. If you plan on a concret slab thats even better.

Also ordered a "clopay" door which is an overhead garage type door, but only 5' wide. Again much better then the wooden barn doors that some day you'll have to repair.

The lumber yard I order my supplies from had a free delivery service with prompt delivery.

And then start thing about running some electric out to your new shed:) : ):)

Best of luck, rredogg

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rredogg, i forgot to mention that! run at least a 120 line out for a light and one outlet. my shed at home had no electric until last week, and it was a pain to have to get a flashlight to find something at dusk.

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Take a look at the construction carefully. The quality level varies by a mile. Some of the cheap Lowes sheds are framed with 2x3s, 4 foot on center. Scary stuff.

The more expensive sheds at Lowes use more/better materials and are constructed more soundly. You'll pay for that, of course. :)

Most of the Amish-built sheds I've seen on lots are of higher quality than those low-end Lowes offerings.

All-in-all, you can save a whole lot of cash by building a shed from scratch, using a good set of plans ... IF you have the get up and go to get it done. It really helps to have a buddy or two who know what they're doing. With an 8x10 shed, you can get most of what you need to get done in a weekend.

Here is a link that might be useful: building a shed

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I built an 8 X 12 shed w/ an attic in a weekend. I built it on a framed floor, since here you have to have a permit if it is on a slab. I created my own 'mini-trusses' for the roof, and had a hatch on the end so I could slide long items into the 'attic'. I'm shocked at the prices for pre-built sheds. An old New Englander once told me that when you build an out-building, figure all the space you'll ever need, build it 3 times bigger, and that won't be big enough!

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Thought you may find these useful; I found lots of free shed plans on this site

Here is a link that might be useful: free plans of sheds

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Congratulations tinker1121 on the upcoming shed!

Just a few quick comments for you to consider. Will you be preparing a concrete or cement pad for under the shed? (Stops a lot of bugs and termites.) Wooden DIY shed kits usually require additional materials (like shingles) and may not come with a floor kit. Vinyl sheds can be installed in a few hours but they may need to be anchored down if you live in a windy area. How will you run electricity to the shed and do you have any local codes that need to be met to do this? If you live in a snow zone - will the roof be able to withstand the weight of the snow? Will you install windows and a workbench or overhead loft storage space? And finally, will you need a permit or permission from the homeownerâÂÂs association before you build the shed?

Sorry to sound like your mom, but once you build the shed you will be amazed how you lived without one for so long! Best wishes and please tell us what you decided.

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I am amazed that this post is still alive! (since 2006. Thank you for all the input and suggestions.
We bought one of the pre-made Amish built sheds (in 2006!)in the 8 x 10 size and really glad we spent the $2000. It is very good quality has vinyl siding to match our house, one window, a loft and very sturdy double doors. My husband keeps it very neat, has put shelving on one side and hooks along the back for cords, trimmer, leave blower etc. and again, very glad we made this decision. We did place it on a cement pad.

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I am going cross country to help a friend possibly build a 10x12 storage shed in his backyard.

Has anyone built there own shed and could give me an estimate of what your material costs were? thanks.

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