floor options for dripping water

czecheartApril 25, 2012

What would you recommend if you were considering both function and decorating appeal?

We have a small swimming pond. We also had a small stand alone room off the pond. We envision using room to change clothes, come in out of the hot sun in summer for a cool drink , or just sit and relax in the winter, etc. Envisioning an IKEA cottagey look for the room itself.

My preference for decorating would be some kind of light colored hardwood-or hardwood look-alike flooring. This option does not seem the wisest when considering the potential sand being tracked in and water dripping though.

The floor is poured concrete which would be a non-concern for the sand and water. So we've been considered staining the concrete. But stained concrete (and tile) does not seem to be too comfortable under tootsies and not good for crawling babies or napping teens.

Indoor /Outdoor carpeting might work , but seems a bit cheap looking to me- No?

Are there any other products out there ?

What would you use ?

Thanks for reading and hopefully answering .

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Have you considered some type of unglazed paver or quarry tile? They're not slippery for wet feet, the wide grout lines help with traction. They'd look nicer than concrete. I always love how they feel on my feet when we're travelling in warm climates (which is about the only time this Alaskan walks around barefoot!).

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