Craftsman Garage Door opener question

jdwhealtonMarch 12, 2008

Hi folks...this is my first post here. I purchased two headaches yesterday.....used model 41A4315-6P's (1998...1/2HP). I wanted to use them for my animal gate controllers here at the house, BUT I can't get either one to work. I've never had an opener that required sensor, I need to know if there is a way to fool terminals 2 and 3 (white and black) so that a momentary on 1 and 2 will cause the darn things to operate.

What they are both doing now is: when I first plug them LED blinks on/off occasionally, then short 1-2: unit clicks, green button LED goes into cycles of 5, light bulb flashes a few times then steady for a period, and the motor does nothing. I have jumpered 2-3 AND left it open with the same result. Both units are doing the same exact thing. I do not have remotes for these. I removed the covers and everything looks good...all internal wiring is intact and connected. So...just what is it looking for on 2 and 3 in order for the motor to operate ?? Also tried holding 1-2 connection for a period and nothing more happened.

Thanks for your help......jd

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oops...model 139.53650SRT

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You cannot bypass the sensors. They must be connected and working.

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If they're electrical (and they are) and supply a modified signal through resistance, capacitance, or whatever...then the opener can be fooled. I just don't know what it's looking for on 2 and 3. If I had a schematic...wouldn't be a problem for me.

Also, there is a pop-off plate on the rear of the unit that has a two wire plug on the back side of it. Anyone know what this is for? jd

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There must be a forum somewhere with all the guys trying to defeat those sensors. Good luck. Actually what it's looking for is a signal supplied by an infra-red beam from the sending sensor to the receiving sensor. The tried and true way of supplying that signal is by the sensors.

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Hi jd, the gdo's are not headaches, a seller who sold them to you w/o the sensors they need to work is.

No offence, but if you are experienced and skilled enough to make an informed analysis of the need for the sensors, you should be able to figure out what the board needs to see at white and black.

Or you could just get 2 sets of sensors and be done with it.

BTW, why would you think a moving gate with no sensors is any safer than amoving door with no sensors? Those snesors have ben in use since 1993 for good reason.

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