Karndean Michelangelo DIY?

pitpatApril 12, 2013

Hi, My husband and I would like to put new flooring into our kitchen, and we are currently considering Karndean's Michelangelo Adriatic Blue (see link). We currently have a cheap sticky tile on the floor. Whatever we choose, we need it to be a DIY project, which is why we don't want to do real stone. I know that Karndean does not recommend DIY, but I am wondering what people here think. We do not have experience doing this, but hubby is pretty handy (he has replaced most of our light fixtures, sweated copper, hung drywall, and changed out plumbing fixtures), and he is a patient do-it-right-the-first-time kinda guy. He would read all about the process beforehand and only proceed if he felt comfortable. I do not have the experience he has, but I have a steady hand and am a detail-oriented perfectionist. Yes, I am trying to convince you to say that yes, we could do this as a DIY project b/c I really want this tile! But please, give me your honest opinion. TIA!

Here is a link that might be useful: love this tile!

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