garage door and opener recommendations

marvelousmarvinMarch 30, 2007

I'm in Orange County, and the garage door is getting warped to the degree that its almost scrapping the car so I probably need to get a new one. As I'll probably need to get a new garage door, I think I might get a new garage opener as well. Does anybody have any recommendations who to go to for this?

I would have gone to Sears this weekend for their sale, but it seems from the posts that Craftman garage openers have lots of problems. I'm not looking for anything fancy, but something that will a best buy type. Same with garage doors. Any recommendations on those? Any specific brands for garage doors?

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Check out Consumer's Reports. Usually a good source.

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I got the Consumer's Report 2007 Buying Guide, but I couldn't find this information. And, when I went online, CR was recommending Craftman's 53985 as their best buy!

What's the difference between belt, screw, or chain other than price and is it worth it?

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Do garage doors ever go on sale? I went to HD, Lowe's, and Anaheim Doors in Anaheim today to check out garage doors and openers to check out garage doors but I can wait it out if there's going to be any sales.

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Check out the liftmaster 3800.

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The best way to find quality doors & openers is through a good independent door installer in your area (word of mouth from other customers the best way). I've installed doors for Lowes and for our own Company, found that those companies push the lower end doors & openers.
The Liftmaster 3850 is a great choice for the opener (belt drive, battery backup & solid rail construction). It is very quiet in it's class. The previous CR rating was high (#1) for it's predecessor LM 2500. It has a soft touch on the door rather than the fast & tough touch of the Genie.
It sounds that you may get alot of Sun Exposure on your door, stay away from dark color doors.
Garage Doors between companies matchup pretty good apples to apples. Its when you mix a apple with an orange & thought you had a good buy but it is a lesser quality door. Check for construction (1-3 layers)& R-Values as a start. Hope this helps.

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Any reason wood is worth the $$ besides aesthetics? Is wood insulated? I don't think wood g.d.s come insulated, do they?

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wood is a bad insulator, most wooden door has a R value of 4-6. I am replacing my wooden garage door with a 2" thick insulated steel door that has a R-value of 18, there are only few doors that has higher R value than 18, and its probably overkill. good luck.

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What kind of double sided steel door are you gettin that has on R-Value of 18? Most of them are 10-12.

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the raynor centura, I think you replied to my other post. ;)

I am sure they fudge the number a little bit, most company do that anyway, it's all about how they do the measuring.

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