Garage Door Remotes Not Working

debsten_2008March 28, 2008


We have a Raynor Garage Door Opener (model 2265RGD). I have homelink in my car and it suddenly stopped working, I went to use one of the remotes that came with the opener and found that they along with the keypad are all not working. The hardwired button on my garage wall works fine. I tried doing the learn procedure again but that did not work, I checked that the door didn't have the lock button pushed and checked the Photoelectric safety eyes according to the manual and they are also ok. I didn't check batteries, but since the homelink isn't battery operated and the other 3 remote devices all stopped working at the same time when they worked fine only hours prior I am thinking that isn't the problem. If anyone has any other ideas as to why ALL remote devices are not working I would appreciate them.


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For all those units to quit at the same time it has to be the receiver. I would call a Raynor dealer, explain your problem and ask for an estimate. They should be able to do that for you. If you cannot find a Raynor dealer call any door opener service company.

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Hello debsten_2008,

I was wondering if you found out what the problem was with your opener. I have the exact same issue. 3 remotes all quit working. as did my homelink in my car. i retrained all codes in the opener (erasing all previous codes) and retrained the remotes. still no help. if i am IN the garage, they MAY work. outside the garage, no dice.

Any information you have would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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I'm having the same issue. 2 remotes, both work inside the gargage. Homelink not functioning in either car as well. Please share any ideas or resolutions.

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