Craftsman 1/2HP 1999 Garage Opener wall control unit malfunction

amaryllis52March 16, 2012


I am quite baffled about regarding this situation. I have a wall unit, two remotes and kepad, all work well to open and close the garage door, until we had a major power outage that lasted for several hours. I had to disconnect the garage door manually to be able to get my car out. After the power was restored I re-engaged the door to the opener, the remotes work, and the keypad works, but the wall unit does not work !! All I see is the LED on the Open/Close button blinking rapidly. The motion detector in the wall unit quit working (it did before the power outage). Its a three button wall unit, with Open/Close Buttons, Lock and Light buttons. I have to manually turn the lights on and off, the other two buttons seem to do nothing. I tried pressing the Lock for 10 seconds, nothing !

My only guess is during the outage, the wall unit lost its programming (either due to no internal battery or dead battery), and that it needs to be reprogrammed. The light switch can turn the lights on and off, which I am guessing the light switch is hard wired to the opener. These are all just guesses.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also where can I get a copy of the users manual.

Thank you very much for your help.

P.S: we are not the original owners of the unit, it came with the house.

Garage opener info:

Model: 139.53976SRT

MFG Date: 10/99

120V, 5A, 60Hz, 1/2HP

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Your wall control has taken a hit and needs to be replaced. You can download the manual below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Owners Manual

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Thanks Don,

Is it hard to reprogram the wall control? that's if it needs reprogramming. Are they available or hard to come by? Do you recommend a specific place to get it from?

Thanks so much for your help and the link.

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You can get the wall control at Sears parts. The part number is 41C0472-1. Page 32 of the owners manual explains the features of the wall control.

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Thanks Don for the info.

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I have a Craftsman garage door opener that is 15 years old. i recently replaced both of the sensors because they burned out. The sensors were installed and the sensor lights are bright green on both. The one button garage door opener is also lite up. When i push the button to open the door I get a single click but the door will not open. The sensor light blinks 5 timers after each attempt to open the door. There is a single remote opener in my car but I have not tried to synch it to the unit since shutting it off. The door will open manually if that helps. Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated

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You say the sensor light blinks 5 times. Do you mean the small LED on the rear of the motor unit? If not take a look at this and see if it is blinking a code. The door sensors have nothing to do with the door opening - only closing.

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Latest update.

I did not replace the wall control as suggested. One day, I turned off the lights for the kitchen and the garage from the circuit breaker box for a few hours(~8 hours), and turned them back on after I finished what I was doing, and for whatever reason the wall control worked again as normal. The motion sensor senses and the opener button works fine !!!

This is just a suggestion for whomever is in this situation, try that and see what happens.


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