Sealing the garage door

bighoofMarch 11, 2006

Am I dreaming, we just moved into our new house and have had a few storms, turns out that this door gets all the weather. It comes underneath the door, thinking about putting down some sort of strip there. But it blew so hard that the rain came in between the panels.

Any thoughts? Thanks

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go to lowes or home depot, or a local overhead door company and get soem weather proofing for GD's. it will help the bottom and sides. i am not sure if their is one for between teh panels though.

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i had that same problem at my last home, i used some self sticking foam between the garage door panels, and bought a rubber seal that glues to the concrete under the garage door seal. i was skeptical about this seal, as i found it in one of these small catalogs that show up in the mail, that you never order, home sulutions, or something like that. and if i remember right it was on the pricey side 50 bucks or something. but i found it to be a great product, and well worth the money.

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So, billh did all that solve your problems?

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yes it did. the thin strips of foam between the garage door do need replacing about every 2 yrs, they dry out. the rubber seal on the floor no problems, but if you order it they send just enough of the glue to put it down, so measure close and i would recomend cleaning the concrete area with some concrete cleaner b-4 gluing it down. this seal also deters dust and leaves from blowing in during the summer when the garage door is open.

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Cool thanks!

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Finally warm enough to do this project,(to let adhesive setup). Found to wesites with what I was looking for and one has stripping for inbetween panels.

Here is a link that might be useful: Park smart garage door seal

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