Galvanized Steel for Rim and Floor Joist of a Garden Shed

pkochMarch 22, 2009

Hi, Not sure if this belongs here...

I am planning the construction of a strangely shaped (7 x 16) garden shed. Due to the size I can not just get some pre fabricated shed from the big box store. Looking at the sheds that sit in the parking lot of those stores, I have figured out that some seem to come with a galvanized steel construction (rim and floor joist). Above the floor frame those sheds are traditional wood constructions.

I kinda like this idea better then the traditional wood floor frame, but I have no idea where to buy those galvanized steel joists.

I would also be interested in pros and cons and oppinion and links on the galvanized steel joist topic.

Thanks, Patrick

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I built a 9'x12' shed with skylights.

Base is crushed concrete.

Foundation is PT 2x6 and landscape timbers.

Floor is 2" thick concrete, hand mixed from redimix bags.

From there on up it is regular construction and materials.

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I haven't seen such a thing but if you get snow there, the gal steel will help protect the bottom of the wall plates etc.

My house has a shed that was built shortly before I bought it, there are not enough eave overhangs and the roof at front and back is flush so there is no moisture protection. When it rains or snow melts, it runs over the slab, and under the wall plate. They also made one corner of the slab too low so there was a huge gap that was a vermin attractor.

If I was building a shed myself, I would make either a raised concrete wall/lip around the perimeter (except the door of course) or use bricks, or perhaps this steel section you are talking about. Anything but a flat slab, you will have nothing but trouble.

If these steel parts mean you DO have a flat slab, you will want to pour it so there is a slight fall to make water run off at the edges, and waterproof under/around the edges of the steel thoroughly.

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Steel framing is very common in commercial work.

There are some tricks and tools that are required.

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As the others have mentioned can do a very good job building a shed without having to use the galv steel. I never did care for the big box store sheds, that is why I build my own using the crushed gravel floor and using pier blocks.

"Sean McDonagh Racing"

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Bump... C'mon someone out there should know what the galavaniced U chanlel stuff is called and where it could be purchased.
Tradidional wooden rim joist even if it is done with terated lumber might not be the best idea in my case, I do not want much ground clearance csince I do not want this shed to sit too elevated. Galavanized steel seems to be the way to go form me.

Tuff Shed is shurley not mking that stuff only for the purpose of their sheds. So where does the galvanized U -channel come from?

Thanks, Patrick

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Maybe call some metal supply shops in your area and see if they can give you any leads?

pjb999, why do you say that a flat slab will give nothing but trouble?

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Quote: "C'mon someone out there should know what the galavaniced U chanlel stuff is called and where it could be purchased."

It's just regular ol' metal stud framing. You can use 3-5/8" studs or 6" studs depending on your span. Metal studs and their accompanying tracks are available at most of the better-stocked Home Depot and Lowe's stores. You'll need a chop saw with metal blade and a screw gun for fastening, but other than that there's nothing special to it.

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"galavaniced U chanlel stuff is called"

'Unistrut' is one system of steel framing.
It is very expensive compared to conventional steel studs, but also much stronger.

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Look under steel in the Yellow Pages. Dozens of hits and we are not a great big city.

Next try tubing.

Then try metal.

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