Painting / Sealing 3/4' T&G OSB Floor

brothabMarch 3, 2009

So glad I found this forum. I hope to get some much needed advice quickly.

I am almost finished laying the floor in my 12x24 shop/storage building next to my home and I have chosen to use 3/4" T&G OSB for the floor. It's cheap and seems quite sturdy.

I want to seal/paint the surface in a way to protect it against spills of all sorts with something that will truly bond and hold firm to the surface. I will park my mower in it and also spend a lot of time in there doing the usual fixit stuff.

I am not familiar with OSB for the most part. My first knee jerk reaction is to use an oil based primer/paint but am concerned what the repurcussions/benefits may be. Will it adversely affect the glue that bonds the fibers etc...

Second knee jerk is that Latex won't be sufficient.

This building is dryed in but is not sealed tight enough to stop all humidity from seeping in. That brings up another question. Should I be concerned about moisture from beneath? It's on piers about 12-18" above ground level.

I want this inexpensive floor to last as long as possible and would TRULY appreciate any advice that could be offered. I can't afford to do it twice.

Best Regards, and Thanks In Advance,


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Ron Natalie

They make a thing called "Porch and Floor Paint"
Both Valspar (Lowes) and Behr (Home Depot) have it.

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"...I have chosen to use 3/4" T&G OSB for the floor. It's cheap and seems quite sturdy."

How will it hold up to moisture, especially from underneath the building?

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