converting motor with start capacitor from 110 to 220v

bm_stclairMarch 17, 2007

Hey all,

I am hoping someone can help me with this. I recently got a grinder/sander. It was set up for 110v but the motor says 110/220v. It worked fine in the 110v configuration but I wanted it to be 220v (heard it was better on the motor) In my ignorance I figured that converting it would be like other tool voltage conversions so I rewired it per a diagram I had from another tool. A little foolish I know, but I didn't have the correct manual and I thought I could figure it out.

What I failed to see and didn't realize was that the motor starting capacitor is rated at 150 mfd and 125 VAC. Anyway, after a brief moment of the grinder running I heard a loud pop and some smoke (i think) coming from the wiring region of the motor.

I then unplugged it and turned it over. The black cover that was on the capacitor had popped off and there was a dark oil like fluid on the bench and all in the wiring. I am hoping the fluid was from the capacitor.

The question pertaining to my long winded story is that I still want it to be 220v but I assume I need a different higher voltage rated capacitor. I am just not sure which one to get. Do I need to have higher capacitance as well?

Also is there any chance that I messed up the motor?

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Do you need a capacitor at all with 220?

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Any single phase induction motor needs at least a start capacitor.
The voltage has nothing to do with it.
Single phase motors have zero starting torque without a capacitor to shift the phase of the start winding.

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