garage door has mind of its own.

mycomanMarch 26, 2009

my garage door gets to the bottom and then right before it bottoms out it reverses and goes up..if i hit the button quickly it will stop close to the used to work fine..any help or touble shooting aids would be greatly appreciatied !


mycoman in his garbage can.

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sounds to me like the sensativity control on the main unit.
This screw adjustment dontrols the force for up and down. Usually two separate ones.
Over time the tracks need lubrication or door just gets stiffer and adjustment is necessary as well as lubrication.
Has always worked for me.

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Does the main light blink 10 times when the door reverses? If so it is a door sensor problem. Make sure the small light on each one is lit and not flickering. You may need to tweak them just a bit.

The other possibility is if the door is actually hitting the floor and then reversing. If this is happening then you need to adjust the down limit control on the side of the motor unit. Using a small screwdriver turn the control in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover.

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I am having the same problem. I just replaced the large gear and can't seem to get the opener adjusted correctly. Previous owner didn't leave a manual. I tried messing with all the dials and stuff but it seems like I am making it worse.

Where can I locate a manual?

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I have a Craftsman 139.53629SRT built in 1993. The remote number is 139.53759. I guess I am lucky it works at all at that age. I have searched the internet (including several locations listed in forums on this site) and am unable to find an online manual. I THINK I may have fixed it but want to see if someone can confirm I "repaired" correctly.
Lately I have come home to find my garage door open. I had determined that my memory is failing me until today! Thinking I had neglected to close the GD when leaving home, or had accidentally pushed the button again while driving away, I purposely checked--I drove around the block and came back to make sure the door was still closed. Yesterday and today it was still closed when returning to check --both days I came home a few hours later to an open garage door. So thinking maybe one of my neighbors has their GDO set to the same frequency, I followed the instructions on the GDO to reset. What I don't know is if reset means that I reset the remote to match the old frequency or if I reset the frequency. DO any of you experts know?

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When you program your opener you are actually setting the same code back into the machine. The radio frequency never changes. The only way to change the code is to purchase new remotes and program them.

The most common cause of the problem you have is either a bad wall control or the wiring to it. You can remove the wiring from the back of the wall control to eliminate it or you can remove the wire from terminal 1 at the opener to eliminate both.

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