Craftsman 1/3 hp GDO remote problem

nate_oFebruary 20, 2006

I have bought a used Craftsman 1/3 hp GDO and installed it. The button on the wall works but I can't get the remote to work. The model is 41A3066 and it doesn't have any kind of lrn button on the unit and nothing inside the remote to change other than the battery ,and I did. The only thing on the opener is a code bar and I don't know if it might have got changed the remote reads 139.53859. The guy I got the GDO from said it worked fine a week ago but doesn't have the book that it came with and we can't figure it out. Can anyone help?

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Nate you say the opener has a "code bar". Can you explain what this is? Is it a small plastic box with several slide switches?

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DON I was hoping you would replay. From the other forums it looks you know alot about this subject. And the answer is yes. And other than the wiring screws and up/down force screws that is the only thing on the GDO.

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Okay, if you have the correct remote you will find the same set of switches inside. You may have to remove the small phillips head screw to get to it. The switches are numbered 1 through 9 and each one has 3 positions. They are marked by a +, an 0 or a - sign. The position of the switches in the remote must match exactly the switches on the motor unit. Yours may have less switches but they still must match. Hope this helps.

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The remote I have has nothing inside chip board.

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nate, the only remote that will work with an opener that has dipswitches is one that also has them. I think the seller misled you.

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The man that I got the door from had two on his house. He took them down and sold me the one that was not used much,thinking it would be in better condition, and sold the other to someone else. He is a friend of the family so I trust that it was working. The reason I tell you this is to ask, Could it have worked some how in conjunction with the other door or remote but not alone?

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nate, he could have given you the remote that went with the other opener. I would tell him the problem you are having and maybe he can get it straightened out.

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