Baffling Garage Door Problem

amyyoFebruary 28, 2011

My Liftmaster garage door has had intermittent problems since it was first installed. The logic board was replaced under warranty and it is still having problems. On occasion it freezes about 2 feet off the ground when closing with the remote. When the remote is hit immediately after, it continues to close. This has happened with my husband's remote and with mine. The tech has been out a couple of times and can't figure it out. He's been in contact with the technicians at Liftmaster who are just as baffled. They suggested changing out the opener on the wall, but the tech didn't see how that would cause the problem. He says if it were a sensor problem, the door would reverse on pressing the remote again. And if it were a short, the unit would stop working altogether right after. It's hard to troubleshoot because the problem happens only sporadically and infrequently. So far, it's only happened on closing and using the remote. Has anyone else had this problem? Anybody have any ideas about what the problem could be? I told the tech I'd check the forums to see if anyone can solve this puzzler. He's wondering if it could be the logic board, again! For a while we thought we could live with this inconvenience until one Saturday when we left the door part way open while out all day.

Thanks in advance for any insight anyone might have.

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It sounds like a loose connection to me but you are right about the baffling. It would normally reverse to the open position whenever it is interrupted going down. I am really surprised this opener hasn't been replaced by now. The odds of getting 2 logic boards with the same problem is too high. I am including a link you can go to so that you can contact the manufacturer and explain your problem. They are without a doubt a number one manufacturer and I think they will help you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Help

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Thank you for responding to my post. I wondered about the odds of getting 2 faulty logic boards too. Unfortunately neither Liftmaster nor the folks who installed/serviced the door had ever heard of a problem like ours. Do you have any thoughts about Liftmaster's suggestion to try changing out the wall mounted controller?

Thanks for the link. And thanks again for replying.

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Yours is such a strange problem that I guess anything is possible. The puzzler is that it just stops on the way down and according to your original post in about the same spot each time. I don't understand how the wall control could do it but Liftmaster knows much more about their openers than I do. I do think you should use the link I gave and contact the manufacturer. That way you can be sure you are talking to them and not to an authorized dealer.

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Thanks for the advice. I sent them a copy of my post describing the problem. I don't know whether garage doors have gotten a lot more complicated, but our old Genie worked fine for many years. We only changed everything out because our old wooden doors were 'smiling' and the rollers slipped off the track with increasing frequency. Other than that, the motor and electronics worked great. Did we just get a lemon??

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