Garage Remodeling Project

ajpdlaFebruary 24, 2009

I am in the process of drywalling my garage (24x20). The garage has an attic area above it which I might wish to use for future living space. The ceiling of the garage is 2x6 construction; so the floor above is not very sturdy in its present state. I am thinking of installing a beam across the middle of the 20' width garage span prior to the completion of the finishing project.

Can anyone tell me what type of beam would be suitable for this purpose?

I saw an ad recently where I could obtain an aluminum 20' beam for pretty cheap. However, I am unsure if this would suffice for my needs.

The walls of the garage are 2x4 construction; and the attic area is about 7-8' in height at its peak with a fairly steep slope downward.

Thanks for any input/advice.

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