using multiple remotes with one garage door opener

cibanezFebruary 27, 2006


I just moved to an apartment building and our garage holds 9 cars, we have a Cratsman 1/2 hp. 06/00 41A4315-7D

I was able to program my remote (craftman remote) today but messed up everyone elses, so now only mine and the 3 that own universal remotes work.

I need to program all remotes tomorrow, I have a few questions... maybe someone can give me a clue....

With mine it will be 6 remotes - how many can be programmed?

Just like i messed all today when I do another one tomorrow will I mess the previously programmed ones?

Does this mean that if someone else programs a new remote it will mess everyone up?

Thanks! I will apreaciate any help, I don't want to bother all of my new neighbors!!


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I think what you need to do is get all these remotes together and get the correct model number off the opener. The number you gave is a part number for the logic board. The model number looks like 139.XXXXXSRT1 or 2. Then call 1-800-528-5236. This number will connect you to a technical representative for the manufacturer. They will help you.

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It depends. There may be a limit... Do these remotes have dip-switches or no dip-switches for programming? If they have dip's you can program in as many as you want. If they are not, you will have a limit on how many can be programmed into the operator. You may need a commercial receiver designed to handle many remotes,Or a remote/receiver set with dip-switches... Dan

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